Trip Cancellation [Lessons Learned]

    The past month has been a rough one at the ol’ Casa de R & B. I have had some medical issues that have very inconsiderately interrupted a trip we had planned. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, B and I have been forced to do some research into trip cancellation and travel insurance. Here’s what we have learned: Trip Cancellation: Flight We booked flights from Boise to Raleigh, North Carolina, using the annual, free companion ticket that I get as part of my American Express card. When we called Delta to find out if B could go without me, we learned that companion fares mean you have to have a…

  • Tikal ruins

    Ancient American Cultures

    B asked me a while ago why I love to travel. I had several reasons: so many beautiful places to see, foods to eat, experiences to have, etc. Among the other reasons, one stood out that I have never really thought about before. I told B that a great benefit of travel is that I get to see the things I learned about in school. We all know that if you actually experience something, it means a lot more to you than if you just read about it. By traveling to a place and seeing it in real life, it is harder to forget about it once you leave. I…


    How long do solid travel toiletries last compared to liquid travel toiletries?

    Remember the post I wrote about travel toiletries and how long they really last? Well I decided to try another experiment to see how long SOLID travel toiletries last and compare them to their liquid counterparts. In general, solids go further. A lot further. Solid shampoo I have been using a shampoo bar on my trips for years now. I love them. Recently, I experimented with making my own and on the third try, I finally got it right. By making my own, I know exactly what is in my shampoo bar and I can tailor the scent to my preference. Lush carries a wonderful selection if you are not…


    24 hours in Riga, Latvia

    I often leave a place with a wish that I had more time there and an internal promise to return someday. Riga, Latvia is one of those places. We spent just 24 hours there and it was not near enough time. But sadly, 24 hours in Riga, Latvia was all we had before heading to Estonia. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, do not hesitate to make the most of your 24 hours and enjoy the hell out of this European city. Below are my tips for making the most out of 24 hours in Riga, Latvia. Prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of cuteness We had…

  • Taking in a waterfall

    Costa Rica Package Deal

    In June of 2011, B and I went on our first international adventure together. For the inaugural journey, we went with a Costa Rica package deal we had found on Travelzoo. These packages are a great way to go if you want a hybrid vacation where some of your itinerary is put together by the pros, but you are free to explore on your own. Read on to learn the details of our particular package, but also to help you know what is possible if you go with a package deal. Tip #1: If you haven’t signed up for the Top 20 email on travelzoo.com, go ahead and take care…

  • elements of a good road trip travel advice

    Elements of a good road trip

    I love a good road trip. The 12-day, 10-state road trip we took through the Southern U.S. is one we talk about (fondly) often. And I still dream about the three-day road trip I took down the Oregon Coast. Road tripping is a great way to see this country as well as many others. In my opinion, there are four elements of a good road trip: planning, entertainment, sustenance and safety. (Looking for a checklist? Download my Road Trip Checklist and get planning your next road trip!) Road trip planning I am all for spontaneity, but too much of it could result in running out of gas or missing an important…

  • Best travel razor

    Best Travel Razor for Women Travelers

    This post is premised on a few things: 1. B and I travel. 2. B and I are proponents of shaving. You might not agree with #2, and that’s just fine. Do whatever makes you feel free. However, if you are on board with these two assertions, read on to see how we’ve reviewed different products for shaving and have come up with what is (IMHO) the best travel razor. Criteria for evaluating travel razors There are many different aspects of what makes a good razor. I’ve narrowed it down here to a few key points that we can compare our offerings against: Effective: This one is real important because it…

  • Airbnb reservation tips and tricks yurt Oregon travel

    Airbnb reservation tips and tricks: how to find the perfect Airbnb [for you]

    Finding the perfect Airbnb (for you) is not an impossible feat. However, it is not always a walk in the park either. If finding the right place to stay using Airbnb has been a struggle for you in the past, fear not. R and I have learned a few things over the years that help us find great places to stay all over the world. Today I am going to share my Airbnb reservation tips and tricks with you to help you nab the perfect place to stay on your next vacation. Note: if you are new to Airbnb, check out this post on why you should give it a…

  • Kotor Montenegro Church

    5 Montenegro Must-Sees

    On a recent visit to the Balkan Peninsula, B and I found ourselves spending one full day in beautiful Montenegro. This country is blessed with sweeping mountains, azure seasides and historic medieval towns. It is simply wonderful. Here are the five Montenegro must-sees that we visited and recommend for anyone lucky enough to travel to this Balkan gem. Five Montenegro Must-Sees Transportation Prior to visiting this less-traveled area of the world, we did some research into transportation options. I’ll give it to you straight: the options weren’t great. Unlike other parts of Europe, public transportation is old and a little sparse. To hit the five places we wanted to go,…

  • wool sock comparison for travel

    Women’s wool sock comparison for travel

    Mostly for kicks and giggles, I thought it would be interesting to experiment and conduct a wool sock comparison for travel to see which ones I should take on my next trip. Here at Jane Sees the World, we have been quite vocal about our love of all things Icebreaker. Their products have been a game changer for me when it comes to packing light. Although I am a big fan of Icebreaker, I willingly wear other brands of wool as well. Thinking about those brands got me thinking about which socks I prefer to travel with…which led to this experiment to find out which wool sock could go the…