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    5 Random Travel Tips

    Most travel experience is gained by trial and error and every trip I take is a chance to learn something new. If you take enough trips, pretty soon you have a whole slew of lessons learned. Of course, some lessons have to be learned a few times before they stick. But once they do, they become tried-and-true travel tips. Below are five random travel tips R and I can recommend based on our own trial and error during various trips. Choose the front seat of the bus We all know the cool place to sit is the back of the bus. Or at least it was in high school. When…


    Getting Stuck in Romania

    When B and I were planning a trip to Southeastern Europe, I came across an article highlighting Balkan express train ride between Belgrade, Serbia, and Bar, Montenegro. After reading this article, I decided this was something I needed to do in my life. So when we knew we were going to be in Romania, we figured it would be easy to get to Belgrade. Not so much, it turns out, and instead we had a heck of a time being stuck in Romania. This post will recount our ordeal, show some possible solutions and offer some tips if you find yourself in a predicament such as this. The Backstory After…

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    Evolving as a traveler

    Warning: this post is a little on the philosophical side, but it is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. One thing I have noticed as I mature and gain experience is that I am continually evolving as a traveler. There were ways I preferred to travel in my 20s that I do not even consider in my 30s. I anticipate that this evolution will continue for the rest of my life. The beauty of travel is its ability to change who you are. Every place I have visited has left its mark on me and I am a better person for it. I have discovered that how…

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    Tips for visiting Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen, Denmark, is a lovely capital city in Scandinavia. B and I combined a visit here with a trip to the Faroe Islands during the early summer. I read lots of guide books and blog posts in anticipation of visiting Copenhagen and this blog post will combine what I learned and found useful in those along with the things we learned on our adventure. Together, these tips for visiting Copenhagen will help you make the most out of your trip to this Danish delight. Dragør B and I landed at the Copenhagen airport one afternoon and flew out to the Faroes the next morning. We didn’t feel like heading all…

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    Five words to describe the Faroe islands

    Driving around the Faroe Islands, R asked me this question: what are five words to describe the Faroe Islands? It did not take long for us to agree on the following: Sheep. Waterfalls. Tunnels. Green. Clouds. We also attempted to find five words that do not describe the Faroe Islands. We came up with people and sunshine before we got distracted…probably by a sheep or a waterfall. The Faroe Islands are not the easiest place to get to. We flew from Boise to Copenhagen, stayed for a night, and then caught a two-hour flight to the Faroes. As we circled the islands and came in for the landing, cliffs of…


    Using Trello to Plan Travel

    A few months ago at work, my office started using a powerful software tool called Trello. Trello allows people to work collaboratively, keep organized and plan events. I have since incorporated all I’ve learned at work about Trello to my personal life and B and I have begun using Trello to plan travel. Because of course we would. This post will discuss how we are using Trello in the hopes that you might want to use it for travel planning. This is just one way Trello can be used, to learn more, you can go straight to the source, trello.com. Trello.com To begin using Trello to plan travel, you’ll need…

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    A novice’s guide to traveling with essential oils

    Have you ever tried traveling with essential oils? Perhaps you have read about them and their many health benefits, but are not sure where to start. Or perhaps you know someone who swears their latest vacation would not have been the same without their essential oils and you want that same experience. I have only recently begun to dip my toe into the vast ocean that is essential oils. But so far, the water feels nice. There is a lot I still have to learn but one thing I can say for sure, traveling with essentials oils is more pleasant than traveling without them. I feel like I should go…


    Five Things to do in Brownsville, Texas

    About ten years ago, my folks decided the Idaho winters were a bit too rough for them (lightweights). Their solution was to become snowbirds (people who head south for the winter) and so they purchased a little spot in a retirement community in Brownsville, Texas. As a dutiful daughter, I have made it a point to visit them over the years and have compiled a list of 5 Things to do in Brownsville, Texas. Check them out if you ever find yourself ‘visiting’ your parents over the winter. Where is Brownsville, Texas? Alright, so most people don’t have any idea where Brownsville is. That makes perfect sense; it isn’t exactly…

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    Making the most of limited vacation

    R and I have full-time jobs with limited vacation hours. We are blessed to have more than two weeks of vacation a year, but we are still constrained by the amount of time we have to travel and go on adventures. Therefore, we have become experts in making the most of limited vacation time. If, like us, you find yourself with a bucket list a mile long, below are some tips and tricks to consider the next time you are feeling the itch to go somewhere new. Take a short trip A friend of mine just got back from a three-month stay in Spain. She is lucky enough to be…

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    Northeast Road Trip

    Several years ago, B was spending part of her time working out of her company’s in New Jersey office. Serendipitously, I was sent to a work conference in Rhode Island at the same time. Of course the two of us would plan a few days around work and go on an epic Northeast road trip (because why not?). If you and your bestie find yourselves with a few days to spare on the Eastern seaboard, try hitting up a few of these places. You won’t be sorry! Snowpocalypse The one downside of our great plan was that it happened to fall during the coldest, snowiest Februarys in many moons. Even…