Ten Reasons to visit Europe (Benelux) during Christmas

    As we might have mentioned once or twice, we spent Christmas this year in the Benelux region of Europe. Apparently, these countries are pretty small and close to each other geographically and culturally, so they get their own cute acronym. (BElgium, NEtherlands, LUXembourg.) We had a fantastic time over the holiday season and this post highlights ten reasons to visit Benelux at Christmas. Lights People in this region know how to do Christmas lights right. We didn’t see one blow-up Santa or the Grinch. Instead, lights are strung tastefully on the already adorable buildings. This is even more impressive when you think about how the buildings are mainly tall and…


    Clips from a European Vacation

    Jet lag is real, people. We have recently returned from our wonderfully fantastic trip to Europe for Christmas and instead of a traditional write up about where we went and what we learned, this post will highlight some videos we took along the way. We promise to be more on top of it next week, but for now enjoy our (amateur) videos from a European vacation while we catch up on some desperately needed zzzzzz’s. Ostend, Belgium: Christmas lights displayed on the Cathedral Ypres, Belgium: bells ringing in the Lakenhall (In Flander’s Field Museum) Brussels, Belgium: window shopping with the Christmas throng Brussels, Belgium: Chestnuts roasting on the open fire…


    Five Things To Do in Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City is not the most exotic location on the planet. However, there are plenty of fun things to do and see there. It is an especially good location to begin a trip out west. Due to its proximity to Idaho, it makes an excellent weekend getaway and we find ourselves there a couple times of year for various events (mostly concerts). Below are my five favorite things about Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Recommendations 1. The State Room I go to a lot of concerts. I hesitate to put a number on it because then I will realize how much money I am spending on concerts and…


    What to do in Boston Depending on Your Length of Stay

    Recently, R and I spent a day in Boston, Massachusetts. Now one day may not sound like much, but even a short amount of time in Bean Town is better than no time at all and I am going to share with you some tips on what to do in Boston based on your length of stay. I love Boston. It is my favorite east coast city by far, and I always jump at the chance to visit. I was first introduced to the city back in high school. It was my first time to the east coast and although I have been back east many times now and have…


    10 Surprising Things about São Miguel Island in the Azores

    R and I spent five and a half days driving around and exploring São Miguel Island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. Locally, it is referred to as The Green Island. I just called it stunning. We knew it would be pretty and we figured we would have a good time. It was and we did (see this post for more photos). However, there were definitely some surprises in store for us on this particular adventure. Most were good. But there were a few that were not so good. Below are 10 surprising things we learned about São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal: The size At 293 square miles and…


    A Peek at the Azores

    We are currently visiting São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores. It is called the Green Island and if you visit, you will see why. We have got some tips and tricks we will share with you in the future. In the meantime, enjoy some Azores photos which include our favorite views of this incredible island. UPDATE: To read more about our time in the Azores, read 10 surprising things about São Miguel Island. Azores photos


    Top Five Things to See in St. Louis, Missouri

    Last July, B and I ventured to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the Antiques Roadshow. While there, we were pleasantly surprised by several attractions and left with a very positive view of this city, which, to be honest, we weren’t expecting much out of. This post will discuss five St. Louis things we saw and did so next time you find yourself randomly in St. Louis, you’ll have as nice of a time as we had. (To be fair, I’ll leave the highlight of the trip, the Roadshow, off this list because it isn’t a permanent fixture.) 5. Delmar Loop From our downtown hotel, we hopped on the St. Louis…


    A Spa Day in Bali

    Last week B’s friend K came into town and they had a great time catching up and comparing past travels and adventures. As they chatted, B mentioned an infamous massage event that she, S and I experienced in Bali. K’s eyes grew wide and she exclaimed, “You too?” It turns out that all of us experienced the same type of spa treatment–one that will never be forgotten. If it happened to us, and it happened to K, I figure it might happen to a few more unsuspecting Janes and perhaps a warning is in order. So here’s what went down and might possibly happen to you if you sign up…


    All 50 States Club (Part 3 of 3)

    Parts 1 and 2 got us most of the way through the all fifty states club of America. This last post will pick up where we left off in North Carolina and highlight interesting/fun things I saw/did whilst exploring the USA. Funny thing–turns out I’m not so good at remembering all of the states. I was supposed to go through the Ns but I forgot two. Whoops. North Carolina: Halloween in Asheville Asheville is a little pocket of weirdo in a seemingly normal state. It was delightful to explore this cute town located in the mountains and trees in Western North Carolina. B and I just happened to hit town…

  • Kansas City skyline

    What to do and see in KC

    Work brought me to Kansas City twice in the course of one month. Lucky for me, I have a good friend (we will call her AA) who lives in and loves KC. She provided me with helpful hints and suggestions about what to see and where to go during my downtime. I have laid out those suggestions, along with some of my own, in semi-geographical order below (south to north). They include neighborhoods worth visiting, places to eat and must-see attractions. It is a local’s perspective as executed by a tourist. (Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions, AA.) Brookside Starting south of the city, there are some fun neighborhoods…