Clips from a European Vacation

Jet lag is real, people. We have recently returned from our wonderfully fantastic trip to Europe for Christmas and instead of a traditional write up about where we went and what we learned, this post will highlight some videos we took along the way. We promise to be more on top of it next week, but for now enjoy our (amateur) videos from a European vacation while we catch up on some desperately needed zzzzzz’s.

Ostend, Belgium: Christmas lights displayed on the Cathedral

Ypres, Belgium: bells ringing in the Lakenhall (In Flander’s Field Museum)

Brussels, Belgium: window shopping with the Christmas throng

Brussels, Belgium: Chestnuts roasting on the open fire (seriously)

Brussels, Belgium: Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium: Little town, it’s a quiet village

Veesp, Netherlands



Trips can be so great! And with technology you can save videos for posterity. Just make sure you rest up when you get home!

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