Looking for advice on how to plan your vacation? We are here to help. Experts in vacation planning we are not. But we may have a tip or two that could make your planning experience go a little smoother.

A how-to guide

To help you , we’ve put together a “How to Guide” for planning a trip. It is not comprehensive, but it is a good place to start if you are just starting to plan your vacation. And if you have never traveled internationally before, we recommend these 10 tips for first-time travelers.

Australia sticker rental car how to plan a vacation
This friendly little reminder was located right on the windshield of our rental car in Australia.

Use your weekends to practice planning

Planning a trip can be exciting. But it can also be frustrating and overwhelming. And it usually takes up a lot of time. That makes a weekend away the perfect guinea pig for travel planning. We’ve put a list of 10 ideas for a girls’ weekend together to get you started. Your girlfriends will thank you!

Girls weekend at Disney World.
A weekend with the girls at Disney World.

Take advantage of technology

Technology has forever changed the way we travel. We can barely remember the days of pre-internet travel. And although we can remember the days of pre-smartphone travel, they are fading fast.

Technology changes quickly, but we currently like to use tools like Trello to aid in travel planning and we have a preferred list of websites we use to plan our trips. And for now, the pros and cons of these travel apps are still relevant. As technology changes and we continue to travel, we will try to share what works and what doesn’t work out on the road.

Trello board for planning vacation
Trello is an excellent tool for planning a vacation.

How to plan your vacation

Everyone plans a little differently and you need to find what works for you. Hopefully, we can help by sharing some of our best planning tips and tricks, as well as a few missteps and travel disappointments (since let’s be honest, travel is not all hearts and flowers). If you have any tried-and-true planning tips, contact us. We would love to hear from you.