10 Surprising Things about São Miguel Island in the Azores

    R and I spent five and a half days driving around and exploring São Miguel Island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. Locally, it is referred to as The Green Island. I just called it stunning. We knew it would be pretty and we figured we would have a good time. It was and we did (see this post for more photos). However, there were definitely some surprises in store for us on this particular adventure. Most were good. But there were a few that were not so good. Below are 10 surprising things we learned about São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal: The size At 293 square miles and…


    A Peek at the Azores

    We are currently visiting São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores. It is called the Green Island and if you visit, you will see why. We have got some tips and tricks we will share with you in the future. In the meantime, enjoy some Azores photos which include our favorite views of this incredible island. UPDATE: To read more about our time in the Azores, read 10 surprising things about São Miguel Island. Azores photos


    All 50 States Club (Part 3 of 3)

    Parts 1 and 2 got us most of the way through the all fifty states club of America. This last post will pick up where we left off in North Carolina and highlight interesting/fun things I saw/did whilst exploring the USA. Funny thing–turns out I’m not so good at remembering all of the states. I was supposed to go through the Ns but I forgot two. Whoops. North Carolina: Halloween in Asheville Asheville is a little pocket of weirdo in a seemingly normal state. It was delightful to explore this cute town located in the mountains and trees in Western North Carolina. B and I just happened to hit town…


    All Fifty States Club (Part 2 of 3)

    Fifty States Club Part Deux. This post picks up where we left off in the first part of this series that explores interesting things to see and do in all fifty of the United States of America. (Go here to read part three.) We had just gone from A-K and will now pick up with the middle. Incidentally, have you ever noticed how many of the states in the U.S. begin with the letters ‘M’ and ‘N?’ Except for Louisiana, this post will focus solely on states that begin with these two letters. Weird. Louisiana: Swampland Everybody needs to go to New Orleans at some point. When I am traveling…


    All Fifty States Club (Part 1 of 3)

    Lucky for us, we have both visited all fifty states and have become members of the all fifty states club. We both had a very strong start independently at checking off the states, but when we became friends, we made a couple trips to finish things up. This post is about our efforts to join the all fifty states club part 1. Go here to read part 2 and here to read part 3. Deciding what counts to be able to check off a state on your list is a matter of personal preference. Some people run a marathon (crazy) or climb the highest mountain (my brother) or visit the…

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    A Trip to the Antiques Roadshow

    Last weekend, a dream of mine came true. I attended the Antiques Roadshow. When B and I told people the reason we were going to spend the weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, the reactions were mixed. About forty percent of people either said, “The what?” or “Is that still on T.V.?” Another forty percent asked, “why?” And the last twenty percent were jealous. Hopefully, after this post explains the awesomeness that is the Roadshow, one hundred percent of readers will enter the raffle for tickets next year. First question: what is the Antiques Roadshow? The Roadshow is a television show (just to be clear, I’m talking about the American version…


    A Long Weekend in Iceland

    Iceland is h-o-t, people. A Jane reader asked us the other day about whether we had written anything on it as her friend was planning a trip there soon. (If you are like us, it seems like every other day you hear about someone you know visiting the land of ice and fire.) Well, yes, as a matter of fact, C wrote a terrific guest post a while back about the trip she and her family took to Iceland. But before C’s clan descended on the island, C, B, and I spent a long weekend in Iceland getting a taste for Reykjavik and its surroundings. Here is what we saw…

  • Welcome sign on Rottnest Island

    The True Cost of Traveling in Australia

    After spending the month of February staying and playing Down Under, I have a pretty good idea of Australia travel costs. This post is a follow up to an earlier post about planning and saving for that month-long trip. I knew I wanted to follow up after the trip to give an accurate account of how much money I spent. But honestly, I was not looking forward to doing the actual math and seeing that final price tag—mostly because I knew I was over my budget. I probably could have kept better track of my expenses while I was on the road, but that is not my travel style. Although I am…

  • Sunset on the Great Barrier Reef

    Australia update #4: tips for traveling in a not-so-foreign country

    We’re baaack! And going through the usual post-trip activities—fighting jet lag, getting back into a routine, planning the next adventure, etc. It is never easy coming home. But unless you are going sell everything you own and become a nomad, it is a necessary part of travel. I have arrived home with an arsenal of Australia travel tips and tricks that I am excited to share with you. Australia is a big, wonderful country. I saw things found nowhere else on earth, ate interesting food such as kangaroo, emu and crocodile, and managed to try every flavor of Bundaberg soda. However, even as I did my best to experience everything…


    Australia Update #3: Reefsleep

    Travel is full of memorable and unique experiences. Many of them you could never recreate even if you tried (and there are some you never want to). That said, I rarely have an experience I would describe as once-in-a-lifetime. It just feels like that should be reserved for extra-special adventures or experiences. That’s not to say I am not continually looking for opportunities that deserve the title, but they are not always easy to find. However, I did find one recently on my trip to Australia in the form of a Reefsleep. This unique experience was like nothing I have ever done in my life. For lack of a better way…