• Train in Canada

    Train Travel Tips for Two Weeks in Canada

    Taking the train across Canada was a dream come true for me. I do not remember when I first learned that it is possible to ride a train across Canada, but I was young and it remained a dream of mine for many years. After my good friend from college and main travel companion decided to get married and raise a family (good for her, not so good for me), I figured the timing was right for me to make that dream a reality. Taking this solo voyage taught me a lot, so I figured I would share my train travel tips for Canada in the hopes that you might…


    A Canadian Adventure on the Cheap

      Janes often get asked, “How can you afford to go on so many trips?” Well, the answer is simple: you don’t spend a boatload of money on every trip. If you can’t afford to go big every time (man, wouldn’t be great?), go little a few times. Over a three-day weekend in April, B and I had a lovely time checking out the Whistler area of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Below is how we did it and how much it cost. How much it cost…Flights When looking for flights, it’s always a good idea to be creative. Looking for tickets that are round-trip, one-way, or two tickets to get…