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    German Christmas Markets

    Last year we visited the Christmas markets in Belgium and the Netherlands. While there, we were told that we needed to visit Germany if we really wanted to see Christmas markets. Well, challenge accepted. This year we traveled to Europe over the holidays and would like to tell you what we learned about German Christmas markets. Timing Each town/city has its own dates and times for its markets. Generally speaking, they all open around the end of November and close around Christmas time. It seems like the majority close on December 23 or 24. Since we were arriving on the 23rd, we had to plan out our schedule to make…

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    Christmas on the road: what to pack, how to prepare

    In 2017, R and I spent our first Christmas on the road and away from home. As the only single gals in our respective families, traipsing across Europe for Christmas sounded like a fine idea. We love our families, but we are lucky enough to see them on a regular basis. And without kids of our own, Christmas just kind of feels like another day off. Why not use that day to see how another part of world celebrates? It was one of our better ideas and we have decided to make it an annual thing. We spent last Christmas hanging out in Bruges, Belgium. This year, we will be…


    European Christmas 2017 [Travelogue]

    For 2017, we opted to try out a European Christmas instead of our usual celebrations. B and I joined together with four more people to take on The Continent during the holiday season. We’ve discussed the importance of keeping a travel journal, so we wanted to show you an example of what one could look like. The following is my travelogue (admittedly, with some stream of consciousness ramblings) from our 2017 European Christmas vacation. Boise, Idaho  Dad picked up B, M, G and me and drove us to the airport for our Christmas vacation in Europe. We flew first to Seattle, where they were having some sort of problem as planes…


    Ten Reasons to visit Europe (Benelux) during Christmas

    As we might have mentioned once or twice, we spent Christmas this year in the Benelux region of Europe. Apparently, these countries are pretty small and close to each other geographically and culturally, so they get their own cute acronym. (BElgium, NEtherlands, LUXembourg.) We had a fantastic time over the holiday season and this post highlights ten reasons to visit Benelux at Christmas. Lights People in this region know how to do Christmas lights right. We didn’t see one blow-up Santa or the Grinch. Instead, lights are strung tastefully on the already adorable buildings. This is even more impressive when you think about how the buildings are mainly tall and…

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    Christmas in Europe

    We are spending our 2017 Christmas holiday in Europe (specifically Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg). The Christmas markets and shopping have been particularly delightful. But the canals, cobblestone streets and architecture also deserve a nod. This has been a wonderful way to spend the holiday. Below is a sneak peak at what we have seen so far. Enjoy our Christmas in Europe photos and check out the 10 reasons to spend Christmas in Europe:


    Delta Vacation Package Deal Shocker

    You know how your mom always told you that if something seems too good to be true it probably is? Well, for the most I part subscribe to my momma’s sound adage. However, every now and then the improbable happens. Enter the Delta vacation package deal. But let me back up a little… Planning a Christmas Vacation Last year B and I decided we wanted to try spending the Christmas holidays somewhere new. Since B just sent us to Australia, it was more or less my turn to pick our destination. I really want to go to Romania. Like really really. Now, there is a twist in the story line:…

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    Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for that traveler in your life? Gift giving in general can be a little overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming if you are trying to delve into a world that is a bit foreign to you. I have certainly gotten some strange travel gifts over the years from friends and family who meant well. I have also gotten some awesome stuff—but those gifts were usually from fellow travelers. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for female travelers, we have a few suggestions below. I even included some DIY projects. Happy shopping! Christmas gift ideas for female travelers Practical travel gift ideas…