• homemade DIY travel lotion bars

    Travel Lotion Bars [with Four Ingredients]

    Last week, R discussed tips for packing travel toiletries. This week, I have an easy DIY project that makes packing lotion a little easier. My travel lotion bars are easy to make and come together pretty quickly. I made my last batch the night before a trip! Other benefits include: The ability to make your travel lotion bars any size you would like, which is ideal for travel. An all-natural product with no hidden chemicals and minimal ingredients (just four in fact). No liquid! Breeze through TSA and never experience an exploding bottle again. Get the exact smell you want. Floral, mint, herbal or a mix—you choose! Travel lotion bars…

  • DIY mini travel first aid kit women travelers

    DIY Mini Travel First Aid Kit

    R wrote a whole post about what to do if you get sick on vacation. She even discussed the medications and first aid items she packs in an effort to be prepared for those unfortunate moments. Today, I am going to build upon that post and discuss how to make your own mini travel first aid kit. I also provide free printables for both a travel first aid kit checklist and labels for your kit. Of course, you can buy a mini travel first aid kit if you prefer. However, I love a good DIY project. You might discover that you already have everything you need to make a mini travel…

  • BLOG

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for that traveler in your life? Gift giving in general can be a little overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming if you are trying to delve into a world that is a bit foreign to you. I have certainly gotten some strange travel gifts over the years from friends and family who meant well. I have also gotten some awesome stuff—but those gifts were usually from fellow travelers. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for female travelers, we have a few suggestions below. I even included some DIY projects. Happy shopping! Christmas gift ideas for female travelers Practical travel gift ideas…