• Four gals at BBR in Challis, Idaho

    Bringing new life to old adventures

    I have been thinking about bringing new life to old adventures lately. I do not enjoy doing the same things over and over again. That is why I always choose to go somewhere new instead of to the same vacation spot year after year. I know plenty of people who are perfectly content to return to the same city/island/country/beach/timeshare/etc. over and over again. That is great for them. However, that is not my style. If you are like me, and you enjoy discovering the new, then repeat adventures can sometimes get a little old. This past weekend, I attended my 12th Braun Brother Reunion (a music festival in Challis, Idaho,…

  • Bald Mountain in the spring.

    10 Things to Do in Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho

    I grew up about an hour west of Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho. Yes, I saw plenty of celebrities and I made a lot of money cleaning houses in the summer. But I rarely did anything fun. I was either working or running errands, and the community vibe always felt a little pretentious to me. It was not until I moved away that I began to appreciate everything the Wood River Valley has to offer. I still think it is a bit pretentious. But there is no denying its beauty and what it has to offer. I find it a great weekend retreat—one not far from Boise. What to do in Sun…


    Killing Time in Coeur d’Alene

    This post finds me in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I am here with my folks. My dad is seeing a specialist about his Lyme disease and to say my parents are terrible travelers is kind of an understatement. So I offered to come along and hopefully make the trip a little easier for them. Spending time in Coeur d’Alene (or CDA as the locals call it) is anything but a hardship. This area of my home state is beautiful and there is plenty to do. I have done a couple of things with my folks, but mostly I am on my own and without a car. Luckily, it is not too…


    Top Ten Things to do in Boise, Idaho

    One of the first things I do when researching a place I’m going to visit is to try and find some must sees for that place. I’ll look at a few different sources (e.g. a guidebook or the interweb). What I’m really looking for, though, are the little golden nuggets provided by people who actually live there. The locals are the ones who really know what’s going on and can separate the wheat from the chaff (going biblical here people, just stick with me.) This post is going to be about what I, as a proud citizen of Boise, Idaho, would recommend to visitors coming from out of town. Here’s…

  • Cascade Lake in Idaho on a summer day

    Exploring Your Own Backyard

    How often do you go out exploring your own backyard? This past weekend, we headed to the mountains. Our goal: huckleberries. I am happy to report that we were successful and came home with a nice little haul. R had family visiting from another state. They opted to postpone their drive home in order to pick some huckleberries because it is not something they can do where they live. In fact, since huckleberries only grow in certain areas of the northwest, very few people actually get the opportunity to go pickin’. Even as a native Idahoan, it was not until last year that I finally got the chance myself (and…


    Weekend camping in the Sawtooths

    Ahhhhh summer. While not my favorite season, summer weather does mean some pretty great things like rodeos, drive-ins and camping, to name a few. This post will discuss that last one, camping, since C and I recently camped out in just about my favorite place in Idaho. Read on to learn about Sawtooth Camping. Getting there About three hours northeast of Boise, the small town of Stanley, Idaho, sits at the bottom of the glorious Sawtooth Mountain Range. During the winter, Stanley is frequently the coldest place in the nation (that’s right people, I said nation and not just state). But during the summer months, it is a little slice…