• Best travel razor

    Best Travel Razor for Women Travelers

    This post is premised on a few things: 1. B and I travel. 2. B and I are proponents of shaving. You might not agree with #2, and that’s just fine. Do whatever makes you feel free. However, if you are on board with these two assertions, read on to see how we’ve reviewed different products for shaving and have come up with what is (IMHO) the best travel razor. Criteria for evaluating travel razors There are many different aspects of what makes a good razor. I’ve narrowed it down here to a few key points that we can compare our offerings against: Effective: This one is real important because it…

  • wool sock comparison for travel

    Women’s wool sock comparison for travel

    Mostly for kicks and giggles, I thought it would be interesting to experiment and conduct a wool sock comparison for travel to see which ones I should take on my next trip. Here at Jane Sees the World, we have been quite vocal about our love of all things Icebreaker. Their products have been a game changer for me when it comes to packing light. Although I am a big fan of Icebreaker, I willingly wear other brands of wool as well. Thinking about those brands got me thinking about which socks I prefer to travel with…which led to this experiment to find out which wool sock could go the…

  • Crane ballet flats foldable flats travel black

    Foldable Flats for Travel [Product Review]

    This product review compares three pairs of foldable flats that I used on my travels. I highlight the pros and cons of each shoe and give my honest review and recommendations. If you are looking at foldable flats for your next trip, this is the review for you. Also, be sure to check out our post on choosing the right shoes for your trip. Foldable flats + travel Ballet flats are not my usual style so I have never been a connoisseur. However, when I read a review about the benefits of foldable flats in regards to travel, well now, that made me pause. I really liked the idea of…


    Using Credit Card Points to Book Travel

    One of the biggest impediments to travel is cost. Even though B and I have talked about how we don’t spend as much as you would think on our trips, travel still costs more money than staying at home. One way to keep travel costs down is to take advantage of points and mileage that various credit card companies offer when you get one of their cards. This post will talk about a few of the travel credit cards that we have and offer some advice on booking travel with rewards points. How this Works To get people to sign up for credit cards (and make money off of them…

  • travel-sized toiletries in Target

    Travel-Size Toiletries: How Long Do They Really Last?

    How long do travel-size toiletries last? Those mini containers may be small, but they pack a big punch—big enough to get you through your vacation and then some (which is especially useful when you are looking for the tools and gear to pack light). I discovered this fact for myself by doing a little experiment. It is an experiment you can do yourself, although you might not want to (it got a little tedious). However, I was pleased with the knowledge I gained and the assurance that I will most likely never run out of product while on the road. Travel-size toiletries experiment My experiment began with a late-night Target run.…


    A Spa Day in Bali

    Last week B’s friend K came into town and they had a great time catching up and comparing past travels and adventures. As they chatted, B mentioned an infamous massage event that she, S and I experienced in Bali. K’s eyes grew wide and she exclaimed, “You too?” It turns out that all of us experienced the same type of spa treatment–one that will never be forgotten. If it happened to us, and it happened to K, I figure it might happen to a few more unsuspecting Janes and perhaps a warning is in order. So here’s what went down and might possibly happen to you if you sign up…

  • Three female travelers with backpacks

    Five things to think about when buying a new backpack for travel

    When choosing a backpack to travel the world with, there are many things to think about and take into consideration. My first backpack was a lesson in what not to buy. We went on a couple of good trips together, but I learned some important things about what I do not like. My next backpack was chosen with a lot more care and it served me well for over 10 years (I suppose I have the first backpack to thank for that). Now I am embarking on a new chapter—a different type of backpack that is more in tune with my current travel style. What to think about when buying…

  • BLOG

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for that traveler in your life? Gift giving in general can be a little overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming if you are trying to delve into a world that is a bit foreign to you. I have certainly gotten some strange travel gifts over the years from friends and family who meant well. I have also gotten some awesome stuff—but those gifts were usually from fellow travelers. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for female travelers, we have a few suggestions below. I even included some DIY projects. Happy shopping! Christmas gift ideas for female travelers Practical travel gift ideas…

  • Colorful shoes from Morocco

    Choosing the right shoes for your trip

    Let’s talk about travel shoes for women. Travel = walking. A lot of walking. Having sturdy, comfortable shoes is crucial since you need to be able to wear them all day, every day. If they are cute, well, that is an added bonus. But honestly, that probably should not be your focus when packing for a trip. Disclaimer: we have mentioned before that we are not fashionistas. We are all about comfort when we travel and you will not find us walking through the airport in a pair of heels. If that is your thing, well, you probably won’t get much out of this post. Travel shoes for women Confession:…

  • Train in Canada

    Train Travel Tips for Two Weeks in Canada

    Taking the train across Canada was a dream come true for me. I do not remember when I first learned that it is possible to ride a train across Canada, but I was young and it remained a dream of mine for many years. After my good friend from college and main travel companion decided to get married and raise a family (good for her, not so good for me), I figured the timing was right for me to make that dream a reality. Taking this solo voyage taught me a lot, so I figured I would share my train travel tips for Canada in the hopes that you might…