• travel-sized toiletries in Target

    Travel-Size Toiletries: How Long Do They Really Last?

    How long do travel-size toiletries last? Those mini containers may be small, but they pack a big punch—big enough to get you through your vacation and then some (which is especially useful when you are looking for the tools and gear to pack light). I discovered this fact for myself by doing a little experiment. It is an experiment you can do yourself, although you might not want to (it got a little tedious). However, I was pleased with the knowledge I gained and the assurance that I will most likely never run out of product while on the road. Travel-size toiletries experiment My experiment began with a late-night Target run.…

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    Global Entry vs. TSA PreCheck

    Global Entry and TSA PreCheck have changed the way we travel. As Michael would say, “Do you remember a time”……when you didn’t have to bring a ziplock bag with you to the airport? Or when you didn’t have to unlace your boots to walk through the weird, scanny machine? Well, with TSA PreCheck you can time machine yourself back to pre-2001 airport security. There is also the added bonus of feeling extra cool when you get to walk to the left instead of standing in the long line to the right. TSA PreCheck PreCheck is a TSA program that allows certain passengers, previously deemed to be ‘low risk,’ to have…