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    Travel Beauty Hacks

    One of the premises of Jane Sees the World is that looking good isn’t our top priority whilst traveling. I suppose that is true for non-traveling life as well, but this post is going to focus on how we make ourselves at least presentable and offer some travel beauty hacks. Permanent makeup For those who haven’t heard of it (really?) permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo. One example is a permanent eyeliner on your eyelids where you would normally use an eyeliner pencil. You can get all different thicknesses and colors done. It takes less than an hour to do and you won’t have to use eyeliner again, unless you…

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    10 travel tips for when you do not speak the language

    Traveling to a country where you do not understand the language is a challenge. Period. However, I do have a few tips and tricks to help you navigate your way through that challenge. 10 of them, in fact. My foreign language travel tips are a result of more than one experience (a.k.a. blunder) in some far off land. Some work better than others do, so I suggest you employ them all to get where you need to go. Foreign language travel tips Our last adventure was to the Balkans. We traversed through Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. These countries are beautiful and full of history and their own unique cultures.…

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    Tips from the Road (Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria)

    This week, B and I are on the road. We are on the downward slope of a two-week trip to Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. This post will be quick since we are busy making memories. Here are some tips from the road about making the most of your travels. Eat gelato…every chance you get I love gelato. I think it is just about the best thing to have in your hand when you wander through a new place. Luckily, a scoop rarely costs more than a dollar or two so you won’t break the bank indulging. Wander off the beaten path Places are famous because they are awesome. But…

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    Travel Lotion Bars [with Four Ingredients]

    Last week, R discussed tips for packing travel toiletries. This week, I have an easy DIY project that makes packing lotion a little easier. My travel lotion bars are easy to make and come together pretty quickly. I made my last batch the night before a trip! Other benefits include: The ability to make your travel lotion bars any size you would like, which is ideal for travel. An all-natural product with no hidden chemicals and minimal ingredients (just four in fact). No liquid! Breeze through TSA and never experience an exploding bottle again. Get the exact smell you want. Floral, mint, herbal or a mix—you choose! Travel lotion bars…


    Travel Toiletries Tips

    One of the most challenging aspects of getting ready for a trip, is to get together all of the toiletries you will need. This post will discuss some travel toiletries tips that will hopefully help you the next time you get ready for a trip. Travel Toiletries Tip 1: travel size items Have you ever noticed things are so much cuter when they are small? I know it is ridiculous to think of deodorant as cute, but the travel-sized deodorant is adorable compared to its full-size sibling. Beyond being cute, travel-sized items are very practical. B conducted an experiment a while back that investigated how long travel sized items last.…

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    DIY Mini Travel First Aid Kit

    R wrote a whole post about what to do if you get sick on vacation. She even discussed the medications and first aid items she packs in an effort to be prepared for those unfortunate moments. Today, I am going to build upon that post and discuss how to make your own mini travel first aid kit. I also provide free printables for both a travel first aid kit checklist and labels for your kit. Of course, you can buy a mini travel first aid kit if you prefer. However, I love a good DIY project. You might discover that you already have everything you need to make a mini travel…

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    5 places in DC to visit away from the Mall

    Washington DC has a lot of great attractions. I have visited several times over the last few years and have never run out things to see and do. However, during my last trip to DC, I ventured off the Capitol Mall for a few stops. Here are five places in DC to visit away from the Mall. Pentagon 9-11 Memorial The Pentagon is the largest administrative office in the world. As we took a nighttime Monument tour, our guide told us it has its own police and fire force and two postal zip codes. Seriously big. I’ve driven past the Pentagon before but never went in the gates. I actually…

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    8 Places to Find Affordable Travel Clothes for Women

    We have talked about the importance of traveling with quality clothes and gear. The right clothes can make a big difference on how comfortable you are out on the road. They also help with packing light. However, finding affordable travel clothes for women can sometime be a challenge. Travel clothes. Travel accessories. Travel gear. All of that travel stuff can get expensive, especially if you are looking for quality. There are brands out there that bill themselves as travel specific. I like many of them. But there are also brands that are geared toward adventures (e.g. camping, hiking, etc.). These brands make excellent options for travel. They provide a quality…

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    Thirteen Day Itinerary in Bali, Indonesia

    A trip to Bali was just the birthday present S needed to celebrate her big day. Luckily, she invited B and me along to Indonesia and together we explored Bali and threw in a little Java for good measure. This post will discuss our 13-day Bali Itinerary. Day 1: Arrival in Denpasar Airport When we exited the plane after a series of looong flights, we were warmly welcomed to the island of Bali in Indonesia. I say warmly, but I should really say swelteringly, because Bali is H-O-T. We would spend the next 13 days red faced and covered in sweat. We were most excited to visit the town of…

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    Foldable Flats for Travel [Product Review]

    This product review compares three pairs of foldable flats that I used on my travels. I highlight the pros and cons of each shoe and give my honest review and recommendations. If you are looking at foldable flats for your next trip, this is the review for you. Also, be sure to check out our post on choosing the right shoes for your trip. Foldable flats + travel Ballet flats are not my usual style so I have never been a connoisseur. However, when I read a review about the benefits of foldable flats in regards to travel, well now, that made me pause. I really liked the idea of…