Oh hi! We are B and R, best friends and digital nomads on a quest to explore as many unique places as we can. Come along with us. We can bond over our mutual love of travel and exploration.

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We consider ourselves average Janes who enjoy exploring this great big world. And although we very much like a nice, long trip to Europe or Australia, we also appreciate a weekend road trip to somewhere in our home state. Big or small, every trip can be an adventure. And honestly, the more unique and random, the better in our opinion.


We began our digital nomad journey in the fall of 2020. If you remember, that was a rough time for travel. Most countries still had travel restrictions and plane travel could not have been more unreliable. We had been working from home for about six months and we were starting to go a little stir crazy (not because we were working from home but because we were unable to plan any vacations or getaways). We had done our best to explore Idaho that summer, but the rest of the year was looking bleak. So B started cooking up a plan and it wasn’t long before R jumped right in.

Our first experience as digital nomads was in Arizona and New Mexico. It started off a little rough, but ended rather successfully. So we decided to try it again. And again. By the time the end of 2021 rolled around, we were ready for something more official. We have now been digital nomads in 18 cities across the U.S. with no plans to stop anytime soon.


Our style is not for everyone. In fact, it is probably only useful for a niche group of people—other Janes like us.

  • If you enjoy a good deal on travel but are no longer willing to sacrifice all comforts for a cheap ticket, we are right there with you. (Dorm beds in a hostel are pretty much a thing of the past for us—even though we’ve got some great memories from our time spent in them.) We have not reached the stage of luxury travel yet, but we are working on it.
  • If you love to travel but you can only do it periodically since life and work get in the way, we feel your pain and can relate.
  • If you are low-key and low maintenance, well, welcome to the club. We are a bit more concerned with what we are looking at than what we look like.
  • If you are childfree and enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays, that’s like us! There are a lot of good resources available to assist you with family travel. This is not one of them. We do not have the first clue how to travel with children.

Did any of the above statements resonate with you? If so, awesome. Let’s be friends!

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Hello and welcome to Jane Sees the World. We are here to share our digital nomad stories from around the U.S. and talk about all things travel. Contact us if you have any questions or just want to get to know us better. Happy travels!