Ideas for a Girls’ Weekend or Micro Trip

Ideas for a Girls’ Weekend or Micro Trip

Girls’ weekend getaways and micro trips are the best. Wouldn’t you agree? As part-time travelers and single ladies, our lifestyle is quite conducive to mini vacations. So we take full advantage of that whenever we can. Below are 10 ideas for a girls’ weekend getaway or micro trip. I recommend you grab your girlfriends and start planning ASAP.

girls' weekend, two friend, California north coast
Girls’ weekend to the northern California coast.

But first, what is a girls’ weekend or micro trip?

Well, its anything from a weekend to a week (or more) spent with your closest friends. It’s a time to try something new. Or enjoy an old tradition. The whole point is to vacate your regular life and bond with your girlfriends. Honestly, what you do is not nearly important as actually getting away together.

Camping makes for a good girls’ weekend getaway near me

Okay, so not everyone likes to camp. But for those that do, camping is a fun and affordable girls’ weekend option. We are blessed here in Idaho with an abundance of places to pitch a tent. We even have some good places to go glamping. Once you have all the gear you need, it is simply a matter of packing up, gassing up and hitting the road. The hardest part is deciding where to camp. North, south, east or west, the great outdoors is just waiting to be explored by you and your girlfriends. This summer, make plans to spend at least one girls’ weekend camping.

Sawtooth Mountains, ideas for a girls' weekend including camping in Idaho
Just one of the many beautiful places we can go camping in Idaho.

Attending a concert is a great girls’ weekend activity

Unless you are new to our blog, you are well aware that R and I attend a lot of concerts. We enjoy live music and support our favorite artists whenever they come to town. We also plan a lot of trips to see the bands we love. These trips often result in a full-fledged girls’ weekend complete with a road trip, a new experience or two and a meet up with a friend who loves the music as much as we do. If you are looking for ideas for a girls’ weekend getaway or micro trip, just check your favorite bands’ tour schedules and start planning.

Explore a new state or city, they make awesome girls’ weekend destinations

We live in a big old country with lots of places to see and explore. I recommend you get a map out and see how many places are within a four-hour drive of where you live. How many of them are new to you? Start there. After you have exhausted your road trip options (if that is even possible), look into flying somewhere new. R and I recently explored St. Louis (check out our post for our top five things to do in St. Louis). It was a fairly easy flight and we were both surprised by how much we enjoyed everything St. Louis had to offer. It made for a most-excellent girls’ weekend.

St. Louis Cardinals, baseball, girls' weekend
Baseball was on the list of activities for a girls’ weekend to St. Louis.

My favorite girls’ trip: leaving the country

Leaving the country is best suited for a micro trip. An extra-long weekend is definitely enough time to explore some close-but-foreign lands and have an epic girls’ weekend. We have enjoyed short girls’ trips to both Puerto Rico and Iceland. Do I wish I had had more time there? Of course. But any time spent with my girls in a foreign land is better than no time at all.

Girls' weekend, blue lagoon, Iceland, mud masks, friends
Girls’ extra long weekend to Iceland!

Lose or win at a casino during your next girls’ weekend

I am not a big fan of losing money, so casinos are not my first choice of fun. But they really do make good girls’ weekend getaways. You and the girls can catch a show, eat delicious food and bond with total strangers at the craps table. You can read about our weekend getaway to the casinos of Jackpot, Nevada.

Plan a spa day for your next girls’ getaway

Nothing says girls’ weekend like a spa day. This past summer, I flew to Florida to spend a long weekend with some girlfriends. It was a fairly packed weekend, but we made time to get a massage and lounge about in white robes. I would have had a good time regardless of what we did. But my spa treatment sent me home feeling relaxed and very thankful for my girlfriends.

Get out your boots and head to the rodeo

The Pendleton Round-Up is one of our very favorite girls’ weekend trips. We have actually spent many weekends going to rodeos. They are fun. The people watching is great (especially if you love cowboys as much as I do) and the food is delicious. Of course, there are plenty of rodeos held here in Idaho. However, getting out of town is what makes it a girls’ weekend instead of just a night out.

Pendleton Round-Up, tipi village, teepee, rodeo, ideas for a girls' weekend
The Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon.

Winter girls’ weekend idea: go skiing

Living in Idaho, we are surrounded by good options for skiing. But a good girls’ weekend calls for something other than a trip to your usual ski resort. Perhaps you can drive to a neighboring state. Utah’s ski resorts are definitely road trip-able for us. However, I am not a fan of the price of their lift tickets. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I would rather make a weekend out of it somewhere new. That is exactly what R and I did one May. We flew to Canada and did a little spring skiing in Whistler. We got to ski, see and explore someplace new—all in one, fun-filled weekend.

Head to the beach/coast for a girls’ weekend away from it all

We do not live real close to the ocean. However, it is not hard at all to get there. In fact, R, C and I recently flew to Sacramento, rented a car and spent some time on the Northern California Coast. It was lovely and made for a relaxing girls’ weekend. If the beach is too far to drive, look into a quick and cheap flight to your favorite seaside destination.

ideas for a girls' weekend include exploring redwood trees in California
Just some girlfriends spending time with the redwoods.

Visit a National Park or two with your girlfriends

As mentioned before, R is a big National Park buff. My visits to our nation’s parks have increased tenfold since she and I became friends. One thing R’s love of National Parks has taught me is that they make excellent girls’ weekend getaways. For example, one weekend we traveled to Washington to hike and explore North Cascades National Park. Another weekend, we took a road trip to Yellowstone. If your girlfriends are into nature, check out the National Parks near and around you. In addition to having fun, you will get to see something real purty.

ideas for a girls' weekend include hiking north cascade national park in Washington
Hiking in North Cascade National Park in Washington. Isn’t it pretty?


Girls’ weekends and micro trips are a great way to unwind and have a little fun. We’ve shared our ideas for a girls’ weekend, but there are plenty of activities to choose from. And does it really matter what you do when you are spending time with friends? I say no. So pick a weekend, pick an activity, grab your girlfriends and go have fun.

ideas for a girls' weekend at the blue lagoon in iceland
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