Suav Zilker Shoes for Travel [Product Review]

Suav Zilker Shoes for Travel [Product Review]

If your Instagram feed looks anything like mine, you will have seen an ad for Suav shoes. I must confess the ads got me and I bought a pair. Below is my review of the Suav Zilker shoes for travel, in case you also are targeted by insta’s algorithms.


These shoes are pretty overwhelmingly loved, boasting 4.8 stars on almost 1400 reviews. They cost $96, which honestly felt a bit high. With a discount code I paid $65 and that was worth it for me.

My shoes are navy blue, which isn’t an option right now on the website. But they do have other pretty ones. I liked the combo of blue and yellow so I went with the gum colored soles.

The navy blue part of the shoe is made of recycled water bottles, but it feels nothing like plastic. It is soft and almost jersey-like and quite stretchy. Bonus: I never have to tie the laces. The fabric stretches and I can slide my foot right on in. I have a very high instep (I can’t get my foot into most boots without a zipper) so it is really nice that I can lace them one time and the fabric gives enough that I don’t have to untie and tie.

The gum sole provides for good traction and is nice and grippy. There isn’t much tread, but I have worn these shoes wet and the gum sole kept me from slipping around too much. 

Suav Zilker for Travel

Suav Zilker shoe

Since these are travel shoes, they really shine in the packing department. You can stack them and pack them nice and flat. 

This is because the sole is quite thin. They are a minimalist zero drop, which to me means they feel about like how a teva or reef flip flop feels. If you need a lot of structure and padding, these shoes probably won’t work for you.

Suav Zilker sole

You do not need to wear socks with these shoes but I do if I’m wearing them for a while. I have found that if I am going to be wearing them for long lengths, my high instep gets rubbed after a while. However, they definitely look cuter sans socks so I do that when I can. 

You might be wondering if the Suav Zelker shoe gets smelly with all that sock free business. Mine do not! Maybe the same magic that makes plastic bottles soft also makes smelly feet odors go away. You can remove the insoles and wash them if needed very easily. 

Suav Zilker shoe

These shoes are great for certain kinds of travel. I wouldn’t wear them in snow or on days that I walk 15,000 steps, but they are great if you want a close-toed alternative in a warm climate and want to slide them on and go. I found them to be handy on cruises when I get tired of my flip flops.


If you are packing light and not doing a ton of walking, the Suav Zilker could be the travel shoe for you, especially if you can get them on sale.

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