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Suav Zilker Shoes for Travel [Product Review]

Suav Zilker Shoes for Travel [Product Review]

If your Instagram feed looks anything like mine, you will have seen an ad for Suav shoes. I must confess the ads got me and I bought a pair. Below is my review of the Suav Zilker shoes for travel, in case you also are 

Best Travel Razor for Women Travelers

Best Travel Razor for Women Travelers

This post is premised on a few things: 1. B and I travel. 2. B and I are proponents of shaving. You might not agree with #2, and that’s just fine. Do whatever makes you feel free. However, if you are on board with these 

Women’s wool sock comparison for travel

Women’s wool sock comparison for travel

Mostly for kicks and giggles, I thought it would be interesting to experiment and conduct a wool sock comparison for travel to see which ones I should take on my next trip. Here at Jane Sees the World, we have been quite vocal about our love of all things Icebreaker. Their products have been a game changer for me when it comes to packing light.

Although I am a big fan of Icebreaker, I willingly wear other brands of wool as well. Thinking about those brands got me thinking about which socks I prefer to travel with…which led to this experiment to find out which wool sock could go the furthest on a trip.

Wool sock comparison for travel

I compared four brands: Icebreaker, Smartwool, Pendleton and Wigwam. (Note, no one paid me or gave me a free pair of socks to try out. I bought them all with my own dime.)

wool sock comparison for travel
There are a lot of options out there for women’s wool socks.

All claimed to be merino wool (I do not see this experiment going well with cotton socks). I find wool to be one of the best fabrics for travel. It regulates your body temperature, wicks moisture, dries fast, works equally well in hot and cold climates and can go longer between washings. This last point was the one I wanted to test out. How long could I actually go before I had to wash my socks?

I used my workouts to conduct the test—wearing the same pair of socks for multiple, continuous work outs. Basically, I wore them until they started to stink and then moved onto the next brand. Gross, I know. But it was all in the name of a better travel experience, which is my MO. The results?

Number of wears before the stink sets in:

  • Icebreaker: 8 wears
  • Smartwool: 6 wears
  • Pendleton: 4 wears
  • Wigwam: 3 wears
wool sock comparison for travel
SO many colors and weights.

The actual numbers will be a little different for each person since we all sweat differently. However, the end result will probably be the same. You can go longer between washings with certain brands, which means you can pack less!

Brand comparison recap

Icebreaker: 8x

wool sock comparison for travel
Simply the best. Blue Icebreaker women’s wool socks.

Eight is great and my beloved brand really came through for me on this experiment. Now I prefer to wash my socks more often than an eight-wear cycle, but it is nice to know that in a pinch, these will really go the distance. I know I can pack a lot less socks and/or wash less often depending on the travel situation I find myself in.

Icebreaker makes socks in all colors, sizes and weights (i.e. lighter for warmer weather and thicker for colder weather). I have yet to be disappointed with this brand. The only downside is that they are on the pricey side. Do I think this brand is worth the cost? Absolutely. That does not necessarily make it easy to fork over the cash for it. Bright side! You can find sales and deals. Check out my post on where to find affordable travel gear and clothes for women.

Smartwool: 6x

wool sock comparison for travel
Purple and gray Smartwool women’s wool socks.

Smartwool is a popular brand amongst travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, so I assumed it would perform well in my experiment. And it did. You can purchase of pair of these socks and get some decent wear out of them on your next trip. They too come in many colors, sizes and weights. Price is comparable to Icebreaker and thankfully, you can find sales and deals.

Pendleton: 4x

wool sock comparison for travel
Adorable Pendleton wool socks.

I love Pendleton. Their blankets are beautiful and I love that they are an old, family-owned business located in the Northwest. However, these socks disappointed me a bit. I assumed they would last as long as the Smartwool before starting to stink. They did not. The price on the other hand, is comparable to Smartwool and Icebreaker. So unfortunately, you will not get your money’s worth in terms of less washes with this sock if you decide to take them on a trip. However, they are beautiful so if that is your priority, you will be quite pleased with Pendleton’s sock offerings.

Wigwam: 3x

wool sock comparison for travel
Gray Wigwam women’s wool socks.

Wigwam is a brand I had never heard of but I decided to try a pair out. A local department store carried them and they were a lot more affordable than the brands listed above. However, it appears that these socks are a good example of “you get what you pay for.” They did not last much longer than a pair of plain old cotton socks. Three good wears before a washing is still respectable, but I would prefer to pay a little bit more and get a sock that could go longer if needed. You never know what situations you are going to encounter out there on the road and I like to be prepared just in case.


If all you pack are sandals and maybe a pair of Allbirds wool runners, you will not need a pair of socks. However, most of the time, socks are an important part of the packing list when traveling. You want your feet to be as comfortable as possible and your socks play a big role in that comfort. At the same time, no one wants a backpack full of socks! My advice is to get yourself a couple of merino wool ones. And invest in a brand that guarantees quality. You can get the wear you need from them and not have to worry (as much) about sweaty, stinky feet.

Foldable Flats for Travel [Product Review]

Foldable Flats for Travel [Product Review]

I review three different pairs of foldable flats for travel. If you are a woman traveler and you have your eye on a pair of foldable flats for your next trip, this post is for you. Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if 

Using Credit Card Points to Book Travel

Using Credit Card Points to Book Travel

One of the biggest impediments to travel is cost. Even though B and I have talked about how we don’t spend as much as you would think on our trips, travel still costs more money than staying at home. One way to keep travel costs 

Travel-Size Toiletries Usage: How Long Do They Really Last?

Travel-Size Toiletries Usage: How Long Do They Really Last?

Travel-size toiletries usage can be tricky. But we tested them out and here is how long they really last.

travel-size toiletries usage infographic how long do travel-size toiletries last

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you buy something through one of these links, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

How long do travel-size toiletries last? Those mini containers may be small, but they pack a big punch—big enough to get you through your vacation and then some (which is especially useful when you are looking for the tools and gear to pack light). I discovered this fact for myself by doing a little experiment. It is an experiment you can do yourself, although you might not want to (it got a little tedious). However, I was pleased with the knowledge I gained and the assurance that I will most likely never run out of product while on the road.

Travel-size toiletries usage: an experiment

My travel-size toiletries usage experiment began with a late-night Target run. Although I went with a purpose, I found myself wandering and finding items I did not realize I needed until that moment (anyone else?). Anyway, when I found myself next to the travel-size toiletries, I had the thought that I should stock up on some before my next trip. That made me wonder what I might already have in stock. This led me to wonder how long those little bottles lasted anyway. I usually buy some new ones before I leave on a big trip. However, if I just use them for a weekend getaway, I am never sure how many more days I might have before they run out.

I decided it was time for an experiment to see how many uses I could get out of the travel-size toiletries I typically use. So I grabbed a few items and headed to checkout. Here is what I picked up:

  • Shampoo (1.5 oz.)
  • Body wash (3 oz.)
  • Facewash (1 oz.)
  • Lotion (1 oz.)
  • Toothpaste (.85 oz.)
  • Shaving cream (2 oz.)
  • Face moisturizer (.17 oz)
travel-size toiletries in Target
Why is everything so much cuter when it is teeny-tiny?

The plan for finding out how long travel-size toiletries really last

My plan was simple: every time I used one of the products, I would make a check mark on a piece of paper. Although the plan was simple, because a little goes a long ways when it comes to travel-size toiletries, the process became quite tedious. I misplaced my paper several times and it seemed to take forever for certain products to run out. However, I stuck to it because I wanted to know the answer. Plus, I was invested at that point. Below are the results of my experiment:

Shampoo (1.5 oz.) = 13 washes

(Disclaimer: I do not wash my hair every day and I have short hair.) My 1.5-ounce test shampoo lasted through 13 washes. If you consider that I wash my hair every other day, that is 26 days worth of good looking hair. A fair amount and more than I need for most trips.

Sun Bum makes a travel-sized shampoo that I really like. I have also been traveling a lot more with solid shampoo, which goes a lot further than liquid shampoo.

Body wash (3 oz.) = 44 washes

I felt like my body wash was the bottle that never ended. I should have picked up something smaller. Oh well. If you are going on adventures that get you really dirty, you may go through body wash a lot faster than I did. But it took me 44 washes before it ran out—and I was being really generous toward the end. If you are anything like me, you should not have to worry about buying a new body wash for every trip.

If you go through a lot of body wash, I recommend the cute bottles by Method. If you do not need that much, I recommend good old Dr. Bronner’s

Lotion (1 oz.) = eight uses

Lotion was the product I used the most of in one sitting. My 1-ounce bottle of lotion lasted through eight uses. So I guess I need about one ounce for every week I am traveling—probably a little more if I am going somewhere really dry.

When it comes to travel-sized lotions, it doesn’t get much better than La Chatelaine.

Toothpaste (.85 oz.) = 40 brushes

Those little freebees you get from the dentist take forever to use up. My .85-ounce tube took 40 uses. Since I brush my teeth twice a day, that is 20 days worth! One small tube was not enough to last me a month in Australia. But for a two-week stint, or shorter, it will do just fine.

Update: I rarely travel with traditional toothpaste these days. I have made the move to toothpaste tabs. I simply count out the number I need for the whole trip and I don’t have to worry about running out. My favorites are the Toothy Tabs from Lush.

Shaving cream (2 oz.) = 10 shaves

Shaving cream is not something I typically travel with but I figured I would try it out for the sake of this exercise. A 2-ounce can lasted through 10 shaves. Since I am not a shave-your-legs-everyday kind of girl, this was more than enough for a two-week trip or less.

For more information about shaving on the road, see our post on the best travel razor for women travelers.

Face moisturizer (.17 oz.) = 12 uses

This went a REALLY long way. I realize that a face is smaller real estate than say, a leg. But I was shocked at how far a tiny bottle of face moisturizer went. It lasted me 12 days! This travel-size toiletry gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Like a lot of people, I am kind of picky about what I put on my face. Whenever I travel, I stick to Kiehl’s or First Aid Beauty. I have heard good things about e.l.f.’s Jet Set Hydration Kit, but I have not tried it myself.

Facewash (1 oz.) = 31 washes

Facewash too goes a long ways. My 1-ounce bottle lasted through 31 washes—enough for a month-long trip, two two-week trips or many weekend trips. Again, I prefer First Aid Beauty.

travel-size toiletries, small empty bottles, shampoo, shaving gel, lotion, body wash
Empty travel-sized bottles. They all lasted me a lot longer than I thought they would.

Using a scale to determine travel-size toiletries usage

About half way through my experiment, I thought of another way to measure: use a kitchen scale to weigh how much of a product you use each time. Then divide the total amount by that single-use amount, and you will know about how many uses you can expect from a particular travel-sized bottle. Note: this only works if you have a sensitive scale. Some do not measure smaller than an ounce.

I tested out my scale to see how accurate my check-mark method was. First, I tried out some toothpaste. I had to do a little math (which is not my strong suit), but I finally came up with 40.8 uses. Above, I mentioned that my check-mark method resulted in 40 uses. It appears that my calculations were right in line with my check marks. Awesome! Next, I measured some lotion. I came up with eight uses—which is exactly how many check marks I got out of my experiment. Although I am glad I followed through with the check mark method, I recommend you go with the scale method if possible.

Your travel-size toiletries usage will be unique

Everyone uses different products and everyone uses products differently. R has a lot more hair than I do so she uses more shampoo per washing. As I mentioned earlier, I do not use conditioner at all. So that is one less product I have to worry about. However, I do have to pack pomade for my short locks. Since we are all a bit different in what we use and how we use it, no two people will get the same amount of uses out of a travel-sized toiletry. However, in general, I would say that unless you are traveling for more than a month, the TSA 3.4-ounce rule is going to be fine most of the time. In fact, you are probably going to come up with leftover product.

Reusable travel containers and bottles travel-size toiletries
Reuse and refill to your heart’s content.

What to do with leftover travel-size products

Rarely do I run out of anything on the last day of my trip. Most often, I come home with half-filled bottles that get shoved into a drawer with the rest of my travel accessories. The easy solution for left-over product (and one I need to do a better job at) is to simply use it up. Why not brush your teeth with your travel-size toothpaste until it runs out? I kind of like starting a trip with brand-new, travel-size toiletries, but I am not a big fan of wastefulness. Using up what you have left is one way to be more sustainable.

Another option is to consolidate. Save up those half-filled bottles of shampoo until you have enough to combine into one. This takes up a bit more room in that drawer and requires a bit of diligence, but it is a good option for certain products (toothpaste, not so much).

I would say that the best option, however, is to purchase some cute, reusable tubes. With this option, you use your usual brands while on the road and when you get home, it is super easy to use up the leftovers or refill for the next trip. Note: you will want to label your containers. Otherwise, you may end up putting something other than shampoo on your hair like R did.

I looooooove the capsules by Cadence. But they are a little pricey and not for everyone.

Five colored reusable travel shampoo containers
There are plenty of reusable options. R prefers the squishy orange container because it gets smaller as you use it.

Conclusion on travel-size toiletries usage

Knowing how long travel-size toiletries really last has been so helpful when it comes to packing light. The TSA limit of 3.4 ounces goes a long ways and unless you are traveling for a month or more, most travel-size toiletries are going to last through your whole trip. You are going to have more trouble figuring out what to do with the leftovers than anything else.

I encourage you to try out your own travel-size toiletries usage experiment and see how fast you go through those little bottles. And then come tell us all about it!

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A Spa Day in Bali

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When choosing a backpack to travel the world with, there are many things to think about and take into consideration. My first backpack was a lesson in what not to buy. We went on a couple of good trips together, but I learned some important 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that traveler in your life? Gift giving in general can be a little overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming if you are trying to delve into a world that is a bit foreign to you. I have certainly gotten some strange travel gifts over the years from friends and family who meant well. I have also gotten some awesome stuff—but those gifts were usually from fellow travelers. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for female travelers, we have a few suggestions below. I even included some DIY projects. Happy shopping!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you buy something through one of these links, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Practical Christmas gift ideas for travelers

If you are looking for something practical that the traveler in your life will find useful, well, there is really no end to your options. So many travel accessories out there make travel easier, lighter, etc. You could go with something as simple as a water bottle (make it cute of course). R wrote a post about different water bottle options that work well for traveling and a good one makes a fine Christmas present. Other practical Christmas gift ideas for travelers include:

  • Storage: packing cubes, drawstring bags, compression sacks, jewelry cases, etc. all make packing light and traveling a little easier. Some are more functional than others and some are definitely cuter than others. I mentioned before how much I love my Shoe Sac by Eagle Creek. It is a staple when I travel and very functional (although not very cute). These Waterproof Storage Bags on the other hand, are very cute. You really cannot go wrong with either one.
  • Neck pillow: when it comes to travel pillows, there are many options out there. Some certainly work better than others. A coworker of mine recommended the Cabeau memory foam pillow and so far, it is the best I have used. It is a little bulky when you are trying to travel light, but I am grateful for it on those overnight flights.
  • Toiletries: there is a very good chance that the traveler in your life already owns every travel accessory you can think of. However, toiletries tend to run out (in part because they are so small) and everyone needs these when they travel. Burt’s Bees makes a great little set (Fabulous Mini’s Travel Set) or you could go with something a little different like a Pod set.
  • Travel razor: small and compact, the Venus Snap travel razor is one of my favorite purchases. I put on a new blade whenever I go on a trip and call it good. It works better than any disposable razor I have tried. Plus it’s cute.
  • Waterproof phone case: we all travel with an expensive, minicomputer in our pocket (known as a cell phone). Most of us use it for everything from an alarm clock to a currency converter. Keeping it safe from the elements (or a thief) is crucial, and that can be difficult whenever beaches, pools and water sports are involved. I purchased this Waterproof phone case for a trip to Hawaii. Not only did it keep my phone dry, but I was able to take underwater photos and store a couple of things.

Fun gift ideas for travelers

Maybe the traveler in your life has every practical gadget and gizmo on the market. Or maybe a practical gift just is not your thing. Instead, you could go with something a little more fun. Really, anything with a map, travel quote or the word “wanderlust” on it gets me excited. Etsy has thousands of options for travel-related signs, jewelry, clothing, home décor, etc. If you are looking for something more specific (because yes, Etsy can get a little overwhelming), try a few of these Christmas gift ideas:

  • Magazine subscription: you could go two ways with this one. Either go with a subscription for a travel-focused magazine (National Geographic Traveler anyone?) or pick out a magazine that your traveler would like to have when they go on a trip (my cousin loves her a People Magazine when she’s on the road). Either way, you are a winner. Plus, it is a gift that usually arrives 12 times a year. It is hard to beat that.
  • Travel journal: I prefer a small notebook to record my experiences. Of course, the cuter the better. Since I use a separate one for each trip I take, I am always looking for new ones like the adorable Urban Cities Mini Journals. You could also pick up an official travel journal, but I would recommend it not be too bulky. If you want something really unique, pick up a copy of I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded.
travel journal Christmas gift ideas for female travelers
Travel journals all stacked up.
  • Something personalized: luggage tags, passport covers, lingerie bags, jewelry, etc. I could go on and on. If you have the option to personalize something, do it.
  • Books: so many options here. You pick up a travel memoir, a guidebook or your favorite novel. A playful option could be a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go!
  • E-reader: items like a Kindle Fire have gotten so cheap over the years, that they actually make a viable gift option—especially if your traveler has ever mentioned a dead cell phone battery or the hassle of hauling around a bunch of books.
  • Games: R and I are not big into games while we travel. But I think we may be anomaly because there are so many travel-sized games out there to entertain while on the road. Even a deck of cards can be handy to have on hand during an extra-long layover.

Post-travel gift ideas for travelers

Reminiscing about a trip is almost as good as the trip itself. Something that encourages a traveler to remember their trip or experiences is a gift that keeps on giving! This could be something as simple as a photo album (although you may want to make sure your traveler is the kind of person who will actually print off some photos). Or try one of these suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for travelers:

  • Photo book: After we return from a trip, R creates a book full of stories and pictures. We love looking through them and R often shares them with her family. If you know a traveler who is good with a computer, a gift certificate to service like Shutterfly is an excellent idea.
photo book Christmas gift ideas for female travelers
Memory books like these are a great souvenir.
  • Scratch map: it is almost impossible to do a search on the internet for travel gifts and not have some sort of scratch map pop up. I actually have two, both given to me as gifts. There are different sizes available and you can choose the entire world or just the United States. Either way, it is a pretty cool gift.
  • Map or globe: R was given a world map as a gift that allows her to mark all over it with a dry erase marker. For Christmas one year, my mom gave me a vintage world map on a tapestry. There are so many different options out there. A regular old paper map and some push pins or a globe of some sort all are good choices for a gift.
vintage globe Christmas gift ideas for female travelers
A vintage globe in our house.
  • Picture cube: (warning: what you are about to read is blatant self-promotion.) I make custom vintage picture blocks that I sell on Etsy. I do them for all sorts of occasions but some of the neatest I have done over the years have been for people’s vacations. They make a unique keepsake.

Weird Christmas gift ideas for travelers

I have a friend whose family gives each other the most weird and random gifts. There is really no explanation for most of them. If this is your cup of tea, then there are certainly options that fit the bill. Weird Christmas gift ideas for travelers include:

  • Shewee: yes, R and I both have one of these. However, we have not found a whole lot of situations in which they are actually useful. In fact, I rarely remember to pack mine. But that is not to say one wouldn’t make a perfect gift for the outdoor-obsessed female in your life.
  • TravelJohn Disposable Urinal Packs for Women: this is along the same lines as the Shewee discussed above. Only I have never used one before and cannot give an account of how they work. However, they definitely fit the “weird” bill so it probably does not matter if they work or not—assuming weird is your aim here.
  • Personal luggage tracker: in my opinion, airline companies are getting better at keeping track of your luggage (they should be with all of the technology available out there). But losing a bag is still a risk you take every time you check one. That is where a personal luggage tracker comes in. I am not sure what you are supposed to do if your luggage is declared lost by an airline but you can see its location on some sort of app map (chase it down!?!). Regardless, a luggage tracker makes an interesting gift for the techie traveler in your life.
  • Socks: airplanes can get chilly and even on flights to warm-weather destinations, my toes tend to get a little cold. There are so many weird and wonderful socks out there and they make great gifts. And soccer socks, we recently learned, are a great alternative to compression shocks. If you want to play it safe, pick up some merino wool socks. Anything Icebreaker will make the traveler in your life very, very happy.
  • TSA PreCheck or Global Entry: this is not the cheapest option on the list, but offering to pay for either service would make a great gift—assuming they are not already enrolled. To learn more, read up on a post R wrote about TSA PreCheck vs. Global Entry.

DIY gift ideas

I am kind of a DIY junkie. Unfortunately, not everything I make turns out quite like I planned. Oh well. However, the following DIY travel gifts are pretty easy to manage and may even spark your creativity to make something else. Plus, something handmade makes a gift extra special in my opinion:

  • Travel fund jar: I have a change jar at work that is simply a mason jar with gold stripes painted on it. My change jar at home is a slightly bigger jar with a cork top. I went ahead and added a photo to the back and a label to the front. It is adorable and I love it. The label I made is available as a Free Printable. Enjoy!
DIY travel fund jar Christmas gift ideas for female travelers
DIY travel fund jar.
  • Snacks: if you know your traveler’s snacks of choice, you could put together a little goody basket of all their favorite treats. Everyone who knows me knows I love Swedish Fish and I never leave home without them. You can read more about snacks on the road in a post R wrote earlier this year.
  • Cord holder: I do not know anyone who does not travel with some sort of piece of technology. Most of us travel with several (e.g. cell phone, e-reader, MP3 player, etc.). Where there are gadgets, there will be chords and some sort of cord holder makes an excellent gift. Last year I made my brother-in-law a simple earphone holder with leather and a snap. Then I tooled his name on it. I have been meaning to make one for myself since it was so darn easy and cute.
  • Luggage tags: there are many DIY luggage tag options. Just Google it. You can keep it simple or go all out. A couple of years ago, I made leather luggage tags for R and S (and myself) with travel quotes on them. They were not the easiest DIY project I have embarked on, but they were cute and have held up after multiple trips. Anything personalized is usually very appreciated.
  • Gift basket: you could always gather a few things from the lists above and put together a travel-themed gift basket or box. Better yet, put everything into a drawstring map bag!


I hope this post helped you come up with a few Christmas gift ideas for travelers. There are practical gifts as well as fun gifts. Or you can make something if you prefer. The important thing is to keep your traveler in mind. Trust me, we appreciate any effort made to choose something related to this crazy world of travel that we love.

Choosing the right shoes for your trip

Choosing the right shoes for your trip

Let’s talk about travel shoes for women. Travel = walking. A lot of walking. Having sturdy, comfortable shoes is crucial since you need to be able to wear them all day, every day. If they are cute, well, that is an added bonus. But honestly,