Unique digital nomad travel adventures from around the U.S.

Unique digital nomad travel adventures from around the U.S.

Oh hi! We are B and R: best friends, travel comrades, and part-time digital nomads. Welcome. If you are looking for ideas for unique or random work and travel adventures in the U.S. (mostly), then you are in the right place.

Work and travel in the U.S.

Do you search out and look for unique travel experiences? We certainly do. And since becoming part-time digital nomads and learning how to work and travel all over the U.S., our unique and random adventures have increased exponentially.

Side note: our most unconventional experience to date has been working from a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River. Spoiler alert: from a work perspective, it was a dismal failure.

We have also enjoyed working from and exploring places like Little Rock, Arkansas, and Casper, Wyoming. On the surface, places like this may not sound glamorous. But rest assured, we have been anything but bored or underwhelmed by the unique places we’ve called home for a short stint of time. We like to work and travel in more popular locations as well, but we love to find the hidden gems and little-known adventures that exist all over the U.S.

A different kind of digital nomad

We did not quit our jobs to be digital nomads. Nope. We just took advantage of what was mostly a crappy pandemic and started working from somewhere other than our homes in Boise, Idaho. Thankfully, our jobs allow us to work remotely. B can work from almost anywhere in the world whereas R is limited to the U.S. Lucky for us, the U.S. is a BIG country with a lot to see and explore. (B has some very minor experience working abroad, but it is nothing to brag about.)

When we are not digital nomading (or on vacation), we call Idaho home.

Oh, and speaking of Idaho, we love our home state and have all sorts of good things to say about it.

Unlike many digital nomads, we are not doing this full time. We usually work and travel from somewhere in the U.S. for 2-6 weeks at a time. Then we head back to our home bases. In between our stints as digital nomads, we do things like spend time with our families, get haircuts and visit the dentist. It can be weird and challenging to live your life in 2-6 week periods far from home, but it can also be exciting and different. Adventures abound!

One last important distinction: we do not live in a van. Or an RV. In fact, we both kind of hate camping (I know, very un-Idahoan of us). We rely mostly on Airbnb and VRBO to find accommodations. FYI, finding an accommodation is probably the hardest part of being a digital nomad. It is one of the reasons we have embraced working and traveling in unique and random places in the U.S. More selection off the beaten path!

Embracing unique travel experiences

We never set out to be unconventional travelers and explore a lot of random places across the U.S., but that is how our digital nomad lives unfolded. There are hundreds (thousands?) of blog posts and articles dedicated to working remotely from international locations like Bali and Portugal. And while that sounds lovely, that is not our reality and it is not going to be our reality anytime soon.

Perhaps you can relate to a life of work and travel that is a little (or a lot) unique. Whatever your situation is in life, do not be afraid to embrace a different way of exploration. There is no right way to travel and we want to encourage you to explore different destinations across the U.S. (and beyond). 

For us, working and traveling in the U.S. is better when it is full of unique and random travel adventures. The unexpected experiences usually make the best stories.

We hope you come along with us on our journeys. We also really hope you learn a thing or two. That is why we are here; we want to inspire women to explore in their own unique way by sharing our digital nomad (and other travel) experiences.

Recommended Locations for U.S. digital nomads

We have tried our fair share of unique and off-the-beaten path destinations across the U.S. to work and travel. Do not knock Omaha until you try it.


Idaho is home. And we have a lot more than potatoes. Although the potatoes are really good.


We are part-time travelers with full-time jobs. Do you too have to make the most out of limited vacation hours, weekends and holidays?


Anyone else hate packing? It is one of the worst parts of travel. Now shopping for a trip, that is one of the best.


Enjoy our brain dumps on random travel topics, stories about past trips and advice that may or may not be out of date. That’s how it goes with travel. Things are always changing.

Hello, I'm B

I love live music, shoes and Swedish Fish. My national park attendance has increased dramatically since traveling with R.

Girl in tiny dump truck in the Faroe Islands

Hello, I'm R

I love history, national parks and ice cream. My horseback riding experiences have increased dramatically since traveling with B.