Average gals exploring the world

Oh hi! Welcome to our little travel blog. We are B and R, a couple of average gals who love to see and explore the world. We are not influencers or even fulltime travelers. Instead, as part-time travelers, we consider ourselves experts on three things:

  1. Exploring Idaho. This is our home state and although we already loved it, the pandemic forced us to discover it in a whole new way.
  2. Buying travel clothes and gear we do not necessarily need. But is that not part of the fun of preparing for a trip? We like to give honest reviews and share the stuff we like.
  3. Traveling as much as possible without getting fired. We like to maximize our vacation hours and have fully embraced the microtrip. We are also currently testing out a digital nomad lifestyle. More travel = a happy life.

We hope you come along with us on our journeys. We also really hope you learn a thing or two. That is why we are here; to share our hard-earned travel tips and tricks with others just like us.


Idaho is home and we love to explore the Gem State. We also love sharing our adventures with you.


We are part-time travelers with full-time jobs. Do you too have to make the most out of limited vacation hours, weekends and holidays?


Anyone else hate packing? It is one of the worst parts of travel. Now shopping for a trip, that is one of the best.


Enjoy our brain dumps on random travel topics, stories about past trips and advice that may or may not be out of date.

Hello, I'm B

I love live music, shoes and Swedish Fish. My national park attendance has increased dramatically since traveling with R.

Girl in tiny dump truck in the Faroe Islands

Hello, I'm R

I love history, national parks and ice cream. My horseback riding experiences have increased dramatically since traveling with B.