• Sunrise at Borobudur.

    Thirteen Day Itinerary in Bali, Indonesia

    A trip to Bali was just the birthday present S needed to celebrate her big day. Luckily, she invited B and me along to Indonesia and together we explored Bali and threw in a little Java for good measure. This post will discuss our 13-day Bali Itinerary. Day 1: Arrival in Denpasar Airport When we exited the plane after a series of looong flights, we were warmly welcomed to the island of Bali in Indonesia. I say warmly, but I should really say swelteringly, because Bali is H-O-T. We would spend the next 13 days red faced and covered in sweat. We were most excited to visit the town of…


    A Spa Day in Bali

    Last week B’s friend K came into town and they had a great time catching up and comparing past travels and adventures. As they chatted, B mentioned an infamous massage event that she, S and I experienced in Bali. K’s eyes grew wide and she exclaimed, “You too?” It turns out that all of us experienced the same type of spa treatment–one that will never be forgotten. If it happened to us, and it happened to K, I figure it might happen to a few more unsuspecting Janes and perhaps a warning is in order. So here’s what went down and might possibly happen to you if you sign up…


    Jane Verses the Volcano

    When S, B, and I visited Bali, we knew we wanted to see as much of the island as possible. One way to do this was through a sunrise hike, where we would experience a sunrise after making our way up the side of a volcano. What follows is our actual experience. Sunrise Hike means Pre-Sunrise Alarm The van picked us up from where we were waiting on the side of the road at 2:30 a.m. S, B and I climbed bleary-eyed and not quite functioning into the eight-seater passenger van and drove around Ubud for another 30 minutes picking up the remaining passengers: a girl from France and a…