A Trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine

    In our Poland Do’s and Don’ts post, we briefly mentioned visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mines (WSM). Some things deserve to be talked about a little more, so this post will describe the crazy cool time we had exploring 300 meters (imagine three football fields stacked straight down) underground in Poland. Getting There One of the fun parts of travel is to leave the comfort of a tour and see what life is like for everyday people in that area. When we decided to go to the mine, I (obvs.) pulled out my trusty guide book and checked out how Mr. Steves recommends getting there. It seemed simple enough: go to…

  • Old Town Warsaw

    Poland Do’s and Don’ts of Travel

    Last year, R, C and I did a little traveling through Poland. Below are a few do’s and don’ts from our experience there. The first “do” is, of course, go to Poland! After that, you can worry about the specifics below. Do’s and don’ts of travel in Poland DO: Come prepared to learn. DON’T: Assume you already know everything you need to about WWII. Unlike R, my knowledge of WWII is rusty at best. I expected I would learn more about the topic when we visited Poland. But I did not realize just how much. Poland is basically ground zero for WWII and almost everything you will do or see…