Reviews of five new Tech Tools while Traveling in the Azores

    While travel is pretty basic (i.e. go somewhere new and see how it is), the tools we use while we travel are constantly changing. It seems like every trip we go on, there’s some new technological toy to try out. On our last trip to the Azores, we tested out five new ways to enhance travel. This post will review what these travel tech tools were and how valuable we found them. iPhone 7+ B and I are iPhone people; we’ve both had several models over the years. My last phone was the SE. I got it because I liked the compact size that Apple came out with before all…

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    Documenting Travel

    I’ll begin this post by saying flat out–I hate writing in a journal. I never do it in ordinary circumstances. I know I should and that all of the reasons I am about to put forth for why you should keep a travel journal can apply just as well to non-travel days, but I can’t help it. Now, some people (like C & B) enjoy keeping journals and have done so consistently for years. This is great–these people won’t take much convincing that they should document their adventures. If you are like me, though, you might need some extra motivation. Here are five reasons you should keep some sort of…

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    Pros and Cons of Six Travel Apps

    Travel apps and technology have changed the way we travel. I will not pretend to be an expert in those ways, but I certainly enjoy many of the conveniences technology offers while I am on the road. Travel apps During my recent trip to Australia, I decided to try out a couple of new travel apps. I have been using various travel apps for years (e.g. Delta, Airbnb, XE), but I found myself wondering what else I could add to my phone to make my life a little easier—especially in regards to itineraries. I generally like to create/design a one-page itinerary. It is fun and gets me excited about an…

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    Preferred Sites for Planning a Trip

    We may not travel full time, but we sure spend a good chunk of our free time planning our next trip. For every week of actual travel, there are months and months of planning. I can scarcely remember a time when the internet did not play a big role in that planning process. Below are some of my preferred websites for planning a trip. Websites for planning a trip I have been referencing and using the sites listed below for many years. R too has sites she prefers to use for travel (although I am sure we have some overlap) but we always appreciate a good recommendation. So if you…

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    What to do when E.T. can’t phone home

    This morning was rough. After a series of most unfortunate events, my shiny new iPhone ended up taking a swim. The friendly IT guy at work gave me a baggy full of silica gel packets and told me to put my phone in there and leave it for 24 hours. So today I’m kickin’ it phoneless–and let me tell you, friend–I feel more than a little out of touch. It reminded me of the ol’ days of travel, before we could bring our technology along with us. Those days are behind us now, but most times when I travel internationally, I do not have cellular data. Here are five ways…