• Acadia National Park in February

    Birthdays: Treat Yourself to Travel

    Yeah for your birthday! I do not know very many people who enjoy getting older (besides kids that is). Regardless of whether you embrace getting older, pretend it isn’t happening or actively work to prevent it, those birthdays roll around once a year no matter what. I do not necessarily embrace getting older, but I figure you might as well enjoy your birthday. It is the only day you get to be selfish and no one minds. Official holidays are great, but you share them with everyone else in the state, country or planet. Since you may only know a couple of people who share your birthday (if that), it…

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    Cellular Phones and Travel

    On our trip to the Azores last October, I talked about how much I appreciated the camera in my new phone, the iPhone 7 Plus. Now that I’ve had my phone for a little while longer, I’ve been able to test it out on a few trips and have come to really enjoy several other phone travel features. I personally like the iPhone, but this post will be applicable to anyone who carries around a cell phone, no matter what the model. (Does anyone reading this NOT have a cell phone? Probably not.) Instead of a full-on tech review (for which I am wholly unqualified), this post will point out…

  • changes to our travel blog

    Changes to Jane Sees the World

    We have made some changes to our travel blog, our little corner of the internet. After a couple of years writing blog posts, we find ourselves with quite a bit of information. And unfortunately, it is not all that easy to sort through and navigate. Hopefully, with the changes we have made, functionality has improved a bit and we have made it easier to find the topics you are actually interested in. Changes to our travel blog Main categories now include blog posts, travel planning, packing tips and destinations. You can also search on tags such as where to go, weekend getaways, top 10, work travel and more. If all…

  • Clouds from a plane window

    10 Not-So-Fun Things About Travel

    Unfortunately, not-so-fun travel moments happen. It is not all hearts and flowers and there are definitely some unpleasant moments on the road. For me, those parts pale in comparison to all of the fun stuff. However, I think it might be worth mentioning the not-so-fun travel stuff for those who are new to travel and may be taken aback a little by them. Not-so-fun travel experiences When my coworker, who has done very little traveling overseas, returned from her dream vacation to Italy, she said to me, “you never talk about the hard stuff.” I thought about that for a moment and realized she was right. I don’t. I thought…

  • Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

    2018 New Year’s Resolution: Travel More

    Travel resolutions and goals are the best in my opinion. 2017 was an incredible year for travel. I knocked off not one, but two bucket list items (Australia and the Azores), had a lovely Christmas in Europe and experienced many, many weekend adventures. I am hoping 2018 is just as full and fun. My goal for life is to travel more. It is a running resolution and not something I give special consideration to at the beginning of each year. However, if you have made travel a resolution for 2018, we have got some tips for you. Below are 10 suggestions (all starting with S for some reason) to help…

  • Christmas in Europe photos

    Christmas in Europe

    We are spending our 2017 Christmas holiday in Europe (specifically Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg). The Christmas markets and shopping have been particularly delightful. But the canals, cobblestone streets and architecture also deserve a nod. This has been a wonderful way to spend the holiday. Below is a sneak peak at what we have seen so far. Enjoy our Christmas in Europe photos and check out the 10 reasons to spend Christmas in Europe:

  • North Cascades National Park

    Thanksgiving Post

    Today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. It is a time for family, food and football. It is also a time for giving thanks. So today, R and I reflect, give thanks to travel and share the parts of traveling we are grateful for. Thanks to travel from B: See beautiful things Whether you enjoy tropical islands or vast mountain ranges, deserts or oceans, star-filled skies or sunsets that take your breath away (or all of the above), there is so much beauty in this world. I have been very fortunate in my life to see and experience Mother Nature at her best. I have also enjoyed some beautiful man-made…

  • Four gals at BBR in Challis, Idaho

    Bringing new life to old adventures

    I have been thinking about bringing new life to old adventures lately. I do not enjoy doing the same things over and over again. That is why I always choose to go somewhere new instead of to the same vacation spot year after year. I know plenty of people who are perfectly content to return to the same city/island/country/beach/timeshare/etc. over and over again. That is great for them. However, that is not my style. If you are like me, and you enjoy discovering the new, then repeat adventures can sometimes get a little old. This past weekend, I attended my 12th Braun Brother Reunion (a music festival in Challis, Idaho,…

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    The Great American Eclipse

    Unless you have been hiding out in the mountains away from civilization, you will have heard that August 21, 2017, is the day of the Great American Eclipse. The ‘Path of Totality’ or ‘POT” starts on the Oregon Coast and stretches its way through the continental United States before exiting on the Georgia Coast. All of the states in the Path of Totality will have a prime-time view of a very cool astronomical event (weather permitting). There has been enormous hoopla in every state we have been in recently that has been on the POT (Idaho, Kansas, Missouri) so deduction tells us this event is a BDD for lots of…

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    A Trip to the Antiques Roadshow

    Last weekend, a dream of mine came true. I attended the Antiques Roadshow. When B and I told people the reason we were going to spend the weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, the reactions were mixed. About forty percent of people either said, “The what?” or “Is that still on T.V.?” Another forty percent asked, “why?” And the last twenty percent were jealous. Hopefully, after this post explains the awesomeness that is the Roadshow, one hundred percent of readers will enter the raffle for tickets next year. First question: what is the Antiques Roadshow? The Roadshow is a television show (just to be clear, I’m talking about the American version…