Tips from the Road (Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria)

Tips from the Road (Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria)

This week, B and I are on the road. We are on the downward slope of a two-week trip to Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. This post will be quick since we are busy making memories. Here are some tips from the road about making the most of your travels.

Eat gelato…every chance you get

I love gelato. I think it is just about the best thing to have in your hand when you wander through a new place. Luckily, a scoop rarely costs more than a dollar or two so you won’t break the bank indulging.

Eat gelato. Period.

Wander off the beaten path

Places are famous because they are awesome. But instead of just sticking to the famous sites, you should take a back road or two and check things out. You never know what surprises you’ll uncover by being one road off Main Street.

Find a backroad or two and wander.

Planes, train and automobiles

In the U.S., we are pretty conditioned to drive or fly. In other countries, these are not the main modes of transportation. Don’t pass up chances to take trains, busses, taxis, etc. when you visit a new place. Sometimes it is great, sometimes it isn’t, but it will always be an experience.

Explore other modes of transportation if you can


B and I learn new things each and every time we travel. These three quick tips from the road have helped us this time around. What are your tricks for making the most of your travels?

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