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    The True Cost of Traveling in Australia

    After spending the month of February staying and playing Down Under, I have a pretty good idea of Australia travel costs. This post is a follow up to an earlier post about planning and saving for that month-long trip. I knew I wanted to follow up after the trip to give an accurate account of how much money I spent. But honestly, I was not looking forward to doing the actual math and seeing that final price tag—mostly because I knew I was over my budget. I probably could have kept better track of my expenses while I was on the road, but that is not my travel style. Although I am…

  • Sunset on the Great Barrier Reef

    Australia update #4: tips for traveling in a not-so-foreign country

    We’re baaack! And going through the usual post-trip activities—fighting jet lag, getting back into a routine, planning the next adventure, etc. It is never easy coming home. But unless you are going sell everything you own and become a nomad, it is a necessary part of travel. I have arrived home with an arsenal of Australia travel tips and tricks that I am excited to share with you. Australia is a big, wonderful country. I saw things found nowhere else on earth, ate interesting food such as kangaroo, emu and crocodile, and managed to try every flavor of Bundaberg soda. However, even as I did my best to experience everything…


    Australia Update #3: Reefsleep

    Travel is full of memorable and unique experiences. Many of them you could never recreate even if you tried (and there are some you never want to). That said, I rarely have an experience I would describe as once-in-a-lifetime. It just feels like that should be reserved for extra-special adventures or experiences. That’s not to say I am not continually looking for opportunities that deserve the title, but they are not always easy to find. However, I did find one recently on my trip to Australia in the form of a Reefsleep. This unique experience was like nothing I have ever done in my life. For lack of a better way…


    Australia Update #2 Funny Aussie Signs

    B and I have seen a lot of really good stuff in the last few weeks: koalas, kangaroos, sunsets, sweeping landscapes and cultural icons. We expected all these things. What we didn’t expect was to see so many funny Australian signs! The funny ways Australians narrate all of these things and other information is downright entertaining. Aussies, whether they mean to be or not, are funny suckers. Here are some of the gems we’ve seen along they way. Funny Australian Signs   Conclusion Australia has reminded us that there’s no need to be boring when you are presenting useful information. The funny Australian signs shown above (and many more we…


    Australia Update #1: Van Life

    Hello from the land down under. We have been here a week and already it has been a wild ride. Just check out our Australia van life photos below! Australia Adventures First up, we visited Sydney. Then we turned our attention to Melbourne. But between that time and those two great cities, we explored the land between…from a van…that we drove on the opposite side of the road. Needless to say, it was an adventure. We saw a lot of beautiful country. Of course, since this is Australia, we still only saw a small fraction of this ginormous country. But there were mountains, oceans, farmland, small towns and exotic creatures…

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    Travel Planning for a Trip [Australia Specifically]

    The dates are set, the plane ticket is bought and the travel fund is steadily growing. It is now time to start travel planning and focusing on the details of your trip. Not long ago, I wrote a post about what I am doing to plan and save money for a month-long trip to Australia. In that post, I mention that planning the nitty-gritty details of a trip is one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel planning and that it deserves its own post. So here we are. R and I are currently in the throes of planning those nitty-gritty details and I thought I would share with you…

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    Destination Australia: Planning and Saving for a Trip Down Under

    Do you know how to plan and save for a trip? Travel funds and budgets are not something I am terribly good at. However, I have recently been working on them in an effort to prepare myself for a trip to Australia. As a child, I was obsessed with The Man from Snowy River. My love of Jim Craig runs deep and I still find myself watching the film at least once a year. It is because of this movie that my desire to see Australia was established long before I discovered my love of traveling. And even after I started traveling regularly, Australia remained number one on my bucket…