Australia Update #1: Van Life

Hello from the land down under. We have been here a week and already it has been a wild ride. Just check out our Australia van life photos below!

Australia Adventures

First up, we visited Sydney. Then we turned our attention to Melbourne. But between that time and those two great cities, we explored the land between…from a van…that we drove on the opposite side of the road. Needless to say, it was an adventure.

We saw a lot of beautiful country. Of course, since this is Australia, we still only saw a small fraction of this ginormous country. But there were mountains, oceans, farmland, small towns and exotic creatures around every bend. We hiked in the Blue Mountains, rode horses in the high country and stood in wonder on the Great Ocean Highway. So much was seen and experienced from Hopkins (the name of our bright orange van).

Van Life

I’ll be honest, the van life is not for me. I had read that it takes a certain kind of person to love living out of a van. Apparently, that is not me. I do not regret the experience one bit and I am so glad I explored a piece of Australia in this fashion. But I was not too sad to turn old Hopkins back in. I am taking with me some wonderful memories and an even better understanding of how I prefer to travel, which is always the ultimate goal.

The adventure is far from over. But in the meantime, check out the vanscape below from our time on the road in Australia.

Australia Van Life Photos

Australia van life photos vacation women who travel
Australia van life photos vacation women who travel
Australia van life photos vacation women who travel
Australia van life photos vacation women who travel


If you have the chance to experience van life, I recommend you go for it. It is a unique way to travel. Like me, it may not be for you when the day is done. But you will have good memories and hopefully, a photo or two to remember the experience. If you visit Oz, make sure to take some Australia van life photos! And check out my tips on visiting this not-so-foreign country.


  1. Whoa, cool! Vanological (van window chronological) is the perfect frame for these photos.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! And see your cerulean nail polish.

    • The vanological (I like it) experiment was pretty interesting. We probably won’t be buying a campervan anytime soon, but there are no regrets for trying it out!

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