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    Travel Foods at Home

    I could just be hungry…or maybe food is on the brain. Either way, this post is going to highlight some of the delicious travel food we have encountered on our trips that have become a regular part of our at-home routines. Food is a big part of the travel experience, and while neither B nor I are foodies, we still have found some gems that we’d like to share. Travel Food #1 Bali Cakes When S, B and I arrived at our less-than-stellar accommodations in Ubud, Bali, we were a little underwhelmed. However, the next morning when we emerged from our room, we were pleasantly surprised to see our host…

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    Foreign Food Advice

    One of the main things people ask when B or I return from a foreign country is ‘how was the food?’ Food is something everyone can relate to because no matter where you go and what you see, you still gotta eat. This post offers some foreign food advice on how to survive and enjoy the cuisine of foreign destinations (and will hopefully help you not to get sick while you are adventuring). Perspective Foreign cuisine can be pretty intimidating for a lot of people because what’s perfectly normal to person in country A can be perfectly repulsive to person in country B. A friend’s dad once told me a story…


    Survival food: what to pack with you on trips

    It is nearing the second weekend in August, which means one thing in the R and B household: Braun Brothers Reunion. BBR is a music festival/camping extravaganza with great music and not so great food. I mean, there’s only so many hamburgers you can eat from the 4-H girls before you start seeing red. So, instead, we pack some snicky-snacks to help tide us over so we can minimize the burger consumption. As I was preparing for this year’s BBR, I realized that most of my choices make my travel survival food packing list as well. Below is a list of food options that can make all the difference when…