Unique homes on Airbnb for a different travel experience

Unique homes on Airbnb for a different travel experience

Airbnb has changed the way we travel. It has opened up a whole new world when it comes to lodging and it has done it in a way that is fun and easy. We shared our reasons you should give Airbnb a try as well as some tips and tricks for finding the perfect rental. Today I want to talk about unique homes on Airbnb and how they can change your travel experience altogether.

Unique homes on Airbnb

One of the coolest aspects of Airbnb is the ability to rent really unique places using the unique homes filter. Want to stay in a treehouse? Or how about a cave? What about a lighthouse? Airbnb offers you those options.

For most of my travels, I choose lodging based on location, price and reviews. But every now and then, I choose to stay somewhere a little more nontraditional. Below are six unique Airbnb rentals I have had the opportunity to stay in. They offered an experience very different from a hotel or typical home rental. Some I would stay in again (and have) and others were a “that was fun once” sort of situation. Regardless, I enjoyed each experience and the out-of-the-ordinary element they added to my travels.

Medieval chapel in Estonia

While visiting Tallinn, Estonia, R found us a remodeled Medieval chapel to sleep in. It was really, really old and really, really cool. The basement smelled a little old and musty, it wasn’t very warm and it was tricky to use the bathroom. But come on, it was built in 1461! We made dinner one night, read books while the rain poured down outside, and warmed ourselves each night in the sauna (a Finnish man did the remodeling). Best of all, it was located right in Old Town. We were steps away from everything we wanted to see.

unique homes on airbnb travel tallinn estonia
The medieval chapel we rented in Tallinn, Estonia was located right in the heart of Old Town.

Airstream in Mississippi

Before I booked a one-night stay in an Airstream trailer in Mississippi, I had never been in an Airstream before. Let me tell you, I have been missing out. The Airstream was so luxurious! On top of the that, the hosts were amazing. They created an Airbnb rental experience that focused on the details, which were very well done. Plus, they were super friendly and embodied Southern hospitality. Overall, my night in an Airstream trailer was a very cool experience and one I would do again in a heartbeat.

unique homes on airbnb airstream mississippi
This Airstream in Mississippi was so fancy and fun.

Yurt in Oregon

La Grande, Oregon, is home to a little gem of an RV park that rents out a couple of yurts. This place is awesome. We have stayed here several times and have always enjoyed our experience. The yurts are truly unique. Each has a fenced “backyard” with a tub you fill using water from the local hot springs. It takes a bit of time to fill up the tub, but then you simply sit back and relax. If you are lucky, the sky will be clear. Sitting out under the stars in your own private hot springs is a wonderful experience. The yurts themselves do not have a bathroom. However, clean and often empty facilities are a short walk away.

unique homes on airbnb yurt oregon
A yurt in Oregon with your own personal hot springs.

Yacht on the Gulf Coast

A yacht on the Gulf Coast sounded a bit cooler than it really was. I guess I am just not a boat person. Thankfully, the boat did not rock to and fro all night. But it was small and kind of a challenge to move around, especially after the sun went down. However, the views were lovely at both dusk and dawn. I did not cook or shower on the boat. There was a toilet and shower available at the house the yacht was docked at and I headed into the nearby town for some southern cooking. So I suppose I did not have quite the full yacht experience. But I do appreciate Airbnb for giving me a small taste of the yacht lifestyle.

unique homes on airbnb yacht gulf coast
Find a yacht like this one to stay in on Airbnb.

Log cabin near Jackson Hole

For R’s last birthday, we headed to the east side of our state to the booming metropolis of Driggs, Idaho. A quick drive over the pass from Driggs puts you in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so the location is quite lovely and fairly convenient. We rented an adorable log cabin on Airbnb for two nights. Between sleeps, we headed to Jackson Hole for a spa day. Although it was not much fun driving over the pass in the snow, we did enjoy curling up on the couch to read while the snow fell down. There were floor to ceiling windows on one side which were perfect for viewing wildlife and a star-filled sky. We brought our own food and made delicious meals. Overall, it was a cozy mountain experience.

unique homes on airbnb cabin Driggs Idaho
Channel your inner-mountainwoman by staying in an adorable log cabin.

Tent in Louisiana

I have done a lot of camping in my life, but not a lot of glamping. After my experience in a tent in rural Louisiana, I can see what all the fuss is about. The lotus or belle shaped tent I stayed in was really, really cool. It was private, but not too far off the beaten path. There was a generator so I had lights and a place to charge my phone. But for the most part, the set up was primitive. However, the view of the stars, its location next to a small lake, a firing burning in the nearby fire pit and a comfortable bed made it worth not having a bathroom. Honestly, the entire experience felt surreal. I would recommend the experience and the hosts to anyone.

unique homes on airbnb lotus tent Louisiana
Glamping in Louisiana. Awesome.


The internet has changed the way we travel and gone are the days of only having a list of hotels to choose from when it comes to lodging. Even renting a “home” has changed dramatically thanks to unique homes on Airbnb and the convenience of being able to book your own lodging. If you are looking to add something special to your next adventure, check out the filter for unique homes on Airbnb. You may be delightfully surprised by what is in store for you.  

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