Trip Cancellation [Lessons Learned]

    The past month has been a rough one at the ol’ Casa de R & B. I have had some medical issues that have very inconsiderately interrupted a trip we had planned. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, B and I have been forced to do some research into trip cancellation and travel insurance. Here’s what we have learned: Trip Cancellation: Flight We booked flights from Boise to Raleigh, North Carolina, using the annual, free companion ticket that I get as part of my American Express card. When we called Delta to find out if B could go without me, we learned that companion fares mean you have to have a…

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    Travel Beauty Hacks

    One of the premises of Jane Sees the World is that looking good isn’t our top priority whilst traveling. I suppose that is true for non-traveling life as well, but this post is going to focus on how we make ourselves at least presentable and offer some travel beauty hacks. Permanent makeup For those who haven’t heard of it (really?) permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo. One example is a permanent eyeliner on your eyelids where you would normally use an eyeliner pencil. You can get all different thicknesses and colors done. It takes less than an hour to do and you won’t have to use eyeliner again, unless you…

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    10 travel tips for when you do not speak the language

    Traveling to a country where you do not understand the language is a challenge. Period. However, I do have a few tips and tricks to help you navigate your way through that challenge. 10 of them, in fact. My foreign language travel tips are a result of more than one experience (a.k.a. blunder) in some far off land. Some work better than others do, so I suggest you employ them all to get where you need to go. Foreign language travel tips Our last adventure was to the Balkans. We traversed through Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. These countries are beautiful and full of history and their own unique cultures.…

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    Tips from the Road (Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria)

    This week, B and I are on the road. We are on the downward slope of a two-week trip to Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. This post will be quick since we are busy making memories. Here are some tips from the road about making the most of your travels. Eat gelato…every chance you get I love gelato. I think it is just about the best thing to have in your hand when you wander through a new place. Luckily, a scoop rarely costs more than a dollar or two so you won’t break the bank indulging. Wander off the beaten path Places are famous because they are awesome. But…

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    8 Places to Find Affordable Travel Clothes for Women

    We have talked about the importance of traveling with quality clothes and gear. The right clothes can make a big difference on how comfortable you are out on the road. They also help with packing light. However, finding affordable travel clothes for women can sometime be a challenge. Travel clothes. Travel accessories. Travel gear. All of that travel stuff can get expensive, especially if you are looking for quality. There are brands out there that bill themselves as travel specific. I like many of them. But there are also brands that are geared toward adventures (e.g. camping, hiking, etc.). These brands make excellent options for travel. They provide a quality…

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    Spa Day [Girls’ Weekend Getaway]

    A spa day makes an excellent girls’ weekend getaway. Last weekend, I headed out of town with R and C. We drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to enjoy a spa day and celebrate R’s birthday. Now, I am not a spa expert, but I have had the opportunity to try out a few and I find it a wonderful way to bond with my girlfriends. Sure, I enjoy getting outside and going on adventures. But a spa day can be a nice change of pace and a good option for girl time, self-pampering and relaxation. My experiences at different spas across the country (and overseas) have taught me some valuable…


    Traveling with Family

    A few weeks ago, my sister and I flew from Boise to Sacramento, where we met up with my cousin from Utah. Our destination was our Grandma’s and Aunt’s house in Northern California. I’m very lucky in that my sister and cousin are also my good friends, but traveling with family brings its own set of dynamics that are different from when you travel with people you aren’t related to. This post includes some ideas on how to make sure you enjoy your trip (and don’t revert to childhood norms where you put gum in your sister’s hair if she annoys you). Plan Meals Accordingly Very little puts you in…

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    Birthdays: Treat Yourself to Travel

    Yeah for your birthday! I do not know very many people who enjoy getting older (besides kids that is). Regardless of whether you embrace getting older, pretend it isn’t happening or actively work to prevent it, those birthdays roll around once a year no matter what. I do not necessarily embrace getting older, but I figure you might as well enjoy your birthday. It is the only day you get to be selfish and no one minds. Official holidays are great, but you share them with everyone else in the state, country or planet. Since you may only know a couple of people who share your birthday (if that), it…

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    Cellular Phones and Travel

    On our trip to the Azores last October, I talked about how much I appreciated the camera in my new phone, the iPhone 7 Plus. Now that I’ve had my phone for a little while longer, I’ve been able to test it out on a few trips and have come to really enjoy several other phone travel features. I personally like the iPhone, but this post will be applicable to anyone who carries around a cell phone, no matter what the model. (Does anyone reading this NOT have a cell phone? Probably not.) Instead of a full-on tech review (for which I am wholly unqualified), this post will point out…

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    Changes to Jane Sees the World

    We have made some changes to our travel blog, our little corner of the internet. After a couple of years writing blog posts, we find ourselves with quite a bit of information. And unfortunately, it is not all that easy to sort through and navigate. Hopefully, with the changes we have made, functionality has improved a bit and we have made it easier to find the topics you are actually interested in. Changes to our travel blog Main categories now include blog posts, travel planning, packing tips and destinations. You can also search on tags such as where to go, weekend getaways, top 10, work travel and more. If all…