President’s Day weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

President’s Day weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, one of the best cities in the south brimming with American history, charming boutiques, and tasty restaurants. President’s Day Weekend in Charleston is a terrific time of the year to visit.

Visit Charleston, South Carolina for shopping, eating, and learning about history


I have been fortunate enough to spend President’s Day Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina in 2023 and 2024. The weather this time of year is just starting to warm but it is still cool enough that humidity and bugs (and other tourists) aren’t swarming the city. In short, it is a perfect time to visit this southern belle. Here are some of our favorite spots in one of our favorite cities. Note: If you are a foodie, this city is for you. Don’t take our lack of food recommendations as evidence that this place doesn’t do food right. We are just too plebeian to appreciate it. 

flowers in Charleston, South Carolina
You just don’t see flowers blooming in Idaho in February.

List of recommendations

To see

  • King Street: the shopping district in town. You can find Gucci and Louis Vuitton along with other more affordable options. 
  • Rainbow Row: a collection of colorfully painted houses on East Bay Street. Watch out for all the tourists. 
  • City Wall Remnant: across East Bay St. opposite Rainbow Row you will see a remnant of the original city wall. Charlestonians of the 1700s constructed a wall to protect against the Spanish who lived a couple hundred miles south in Florida.
  • The Battery: Battery St is so named because it used to be a protective sea wall. Now it forms a 90 degree angle and you can take a walk along the promenade. Enjoy the water on one side and fancy mansions on the other. 
  • Pineapple Fountain: one of the symbols of the city. On warmer days, this fountain is full of people getting splashed by the water. 
  • Old Slave Mart Museum: a small but mighty museum housed inside the former slave market. Remember that much of this city was built by enslaved people. 
  • Ft. Sumter: a National Park Service historic park where the Civil War started in 1861. Take a ferry out to it to learn how it all went down. 
Street in Charleston, South Carolina
Horses have been pulling people down this street in Charleston for a long, long time.

To do

  • Charleston City Market: Charleston City Market is a must do. Spanning several city blocks, vendors sell handcrafts, art, clothing, jewelry, and more. 
  • Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit: a biscuit shop is in the center of the market. After a careful review of biscuits of the South, this might just take top honors.
  • Buxton Books: cool bookstore for a reading fix. 
  • Riviera theater: If you are lucky you can catch a performance at the historic and gorgeous art deco. We were fortunate to rock out to The Cadillac Three. 
  • The Black Door Cafe: this coffee shop is located in a historic revitalized hotel. 
  • Mildred Newbury: a great boutique with cards, jewelry, decor and more.


Charleston, South Carolina does a lot of things really well: charming stores, good food, and historical seeping out of it. It makes an excellent place to visit on a long President’s Day weekend. After writing this post, I’m thinking I might go for a three-peat. I hope to see you there!

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