5 nights in Puerto Rico

    Last spring B, C and I were thinking about where we could go in the fall for a quick, affordable vacation. After looking through Google Flights and seeing where we could get from Boise on the cheap, we narrowed it down to two options: Aruba or Puerto Rico. None of us really cared about where we went because really, how can you go wrong with either? We decided to go with Puerto Rico because it was a little cheaper and the flight time was shorter. Here are the activities and costs associated with five night trip to Puerto Rico. Airplane From Boise we would fly to Dallas and then onto San…

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    What to Pack for Five Nights in Puerto Rico

    Hello from Puerto Rico! R, C and I are enjoying a nice visit to this tropical island in the Caribbean. It is a nice change of pace from our usual routine and although our time here is short, it is full of fun and different adventures. Since I appreciate reading about what other fellow travelers pack when they go on their adventures, I figured I would share with you my women’s packing list for Puerto Rico. See what I put in my bag for our five-night stay here in the Caribbean. If you have any questions about the items I packed, or have a suggestion for next time, please let us know.…