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    10 travel tips for when you do not speak the language

    Traveling to a country where you do not understand the language is a challenge. Period. However, I do have a few tips and tricks to help you navigate your way through that challenge. 10 of them, in fact. My foreign language travel tips are a result of more than one experience (a.k.a. blunder) in some far off land. Some work better than others do, so I suggest you employ them all to get where you need to go. Foreign language travel tips Our last adventure was to the Balkans. We traversed through Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. These countries are beautiful and full of history and their own unique cultures.…


    Ten Reasons to visit Europe (Benelux) during Christmas

    As we might have mentioned once or twice, we spent Christmas this year in the Benelux region of Europe. Apparently, these countries are pretty small and close to each other geographically and culturally, so they get their own cute acronym. (BElgium, NEtherlands, LUXembourg.) We had a fantastic time over the holiday season and this post highlights ten reasons to visit Benelux at Christmas. Lights People in this region know how to do Christmas lights right. We didn’t see one blow-up Santa or the Grinch. Instead, lights are strung tastefully on the already adorable buildings. This is even more impressive when you think about how the buildings are mainly tall and…

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    10 Not-So-Fun Things About Travel

    Unfortunately, not-so-fun travel moments happen. It is not all hearts and flowers and there are definitely some unpleasant moments on the road. For me, those parts pale in comparison to all of the fun stuff. However, I think it might be worth mentioning the not-so-fun travel stuff for those who are new to travel and may be taken aback a little by them. Not-so-fun travel experiences When my coworker, who has done very little traveling overseas, returned from her dream vacation to Italy, she said to me, “you never talk about the hard stuff.” I thought about that for a moment and realized she was right. I don’t. I thought…


    What to do in Boston Depending on Your Length of Stay

    Recently, R and I spent a day in Boston, Massachusetts. Now one day may not sound like much, but even a short amount of time in Bean Town is better than no time at all and I am going to share with you some tips on what to do in Boston based on your length of stay. I love Boston. It is my favorite east coast city by far, and I always jump at the chance to visit. I was first introduced to the city back in high school. It was my first time to the east coast and although I have been back east many times now and have…


    10 Surprising Things about São Miguel Island in the Azores

    R and I spent five and a half days driving around and exploring São Miguel Island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. Locally, it is referred to as The Green Island. I just called it stunning. We knew it would be pretty and we figured we would have a good time. It was and we did (see this post for more photos). However, there were definitely some surprises in store for us on this particular adventure. Most were good. But there were a few that were not so good. Below are 10 surprising things we learned about São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal: The size At 293 square miles and…


    10 Ideas for a Girls’ Weekend

    Girls’ weekend getaways are the best. Wouldn’t you agree? R and I are about to join C for a girls’ weekend to Oregon, for the Pendleton Round-Up. Our lifestyle is quite conducive to girls’ weekends, so we take full advantage of that whenever we can. Below are 10 ideas for planning your own girls’ weekend. I recommend you start planning ASAP. Go camping Okay, so not everyone likes to camp. But for those that do, camping is a fun and affordable girls’ weekend option. We are blessed here in Idaho with an abundance of places to pitch a tent. Once you have all the gear you need, it is simply…

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    Ten tips for packing for a business trip

    I am currently in Kansas City for a week. The reason: work.  Now, packing for business travel is very different than packing for a personal trip. In general, it requires more clothes. Luckily, I work for a very casual company and the dress code is quite relaxed. However, I still have to look semi presentable—especially when I travel to more formal offices or attend conferences. Packing for Business Travel Obviously, I still try to pack light. But there is no way I can get away with my usual packing list. So below are ten tips I have compiled, based on personal experience, for packing for a business trip: Tip #1:…

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    10 Things to Do in Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho

    I grew up about an hour west of Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho. Yes, I saw plenty of celebrities and I made a lot of money cleaning houses in the summer. But I rarely did anything fun. I was either working or running errands, and the community vibe always felt a little pretentious to me. It was not until I moved away that I began to appreciate everything the Wood River Valley has to offer. I still think it is a bit pretentious. But there is no denying its beauty and what it has to offer. I find it a great weekend retreat—one not far from Boise. What to do in Sun…

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    How to Travel with Your Parents

    Travel with parents, grandparents, first-timers and other novices is a different experience and requires a little different preparation. A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, with my parents. My dad has Lyme disease and we were told a specialist there might be able to help him. Now, my dad will always know more about cars than me and my sewing skills will never compare to my mothers. But travel, that is my game. As my mom began making plans for a trip north, she asked me for some travel advice. It did not take long before I realized a trip, even one as small as this,…

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    10 Small but Useful Things to Pack for Every Vacation

    Without a good small item packing checklist, you may well forget something super useful on your next trip. When it comes to packing, I am not a big supporter of “just in case” or “what if.” That is the fastest way to over pack. Plus, you end up hauling around a bunch of stuff you do not need and/or want. There are stores all over the world and it is easy enough to pick up the things you have forgotten or the things you did not realize you would need. That said, there are a few exceptions. Below is a list of 10 items that I take on nearly every…