Changes to Jane Sees the World

Changes to Jane Sees the World

We have made some changes to our travel blog, our little corner of the internet. After a couple of years writing blog posts, we find ourselves with quite a bit of information. And unfortunately, it is not all that easy to sort through and navigate. Hopefully, with the changes we have made, functionality has improved a bit and we have made it easier to find the topics you are actually interested in.

Changes to our travel blog

Main categories now include blog posts, travel planning, packing tips and destinations. You can also search on tags such as where to go, weekend getaways, top 10, work travel and more. If all else fails, use the search bar.

Our goal has always been to help fellow Janes on their travels, which is why we decided to change some things up. We hope these changes to our travel blog help. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or special requests for topics. We love hearing from you!

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